In Spanish, the word alegria means joy or happiness.

I spent the beginning of August doing service work in an area of Corozal Town, Belize. The people in this part of Belize have little, yet seem to be bubbling over with joy in the midst of their impoverished circumstances. As I worked alongside my teammates and the people of San Pablo, I observed a strong sense of purpose and an openness in the Belizeans that welcomed our group into their world.  The Belizeans we got to know prioritize family, building loving community, hard work and enjoying life.

Truth be told, my goal was to travel there to help serve them, but as is often the case, I think I walked away having been blessed by the time spent there more than anything. Also, I picked up some pretty sweet Spanish phrases, such as “picante colita” and “me gustaria” and of course, “puedo jugar?”

What a great way to jumpstart this adventure in finding balance, right? Here are some pictures of the little cuties we played with and of the construction project we worked on (more to come):


Fashion – Try not to be jealous, but I think I really hit the nail on the head this week. My daywear consisted of white men’s v-neck tshirts and scrubs from Walmart. Tennis shoes, lots of sunscreen, and a whole heap o’ bugspray. So ostentatious, I know.

Philanthropy – See above.

Exercise – I needed to workout to prepare for this trip. I was shoveling and doing construction-related work from 8am – 2:30pm each day, then playing with children who LOVE to ask “dame vuelta!” (spin me around!). My arm musculos are quite powerful now. Yes, I’m taking appointments if you need a personal trainer.

“In my opinion it is always a good idea to be carrying two sacks of something when you walk around. That way, if anybody says “Hey, can you give me a hand?” you can say “Sorry, got these sacks.” -Deep Thoughts by Jack Handy


3 thoughts on “Alegria

  1. I am just reading back through all of these and I love it! You are so precious to go all the way to Belize!! And those kids are too adorbs.

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