Sugar, Spice and A Little Bit of Sassy

This outfit makes me feel sassy because the top is a little rock and roll at first glance but then you look closer and it has little flowers on it. Surprise. Keeping you on your toes. Can’t let you guys think I’m settling for a too-soft or too-tough style, a lady likes to keep a little mystery you know.

This is one of my favorite go-to outfits. It is great for weekends or little trips like the one to Carytown in Richmond I on when we snapped these pictures. Carytown is a quirky area with a bunch of great little vintage shops interspersed with stores like the ever-classy Eurotrash. No, of course I didn’t even consider going in… Ok maybe but only for a minute. OK ok I went in. It’s out of my price range. Rude.

Top: Sage Boutique; Shorts: GAP; Necklace: H&M; Purse: Dooney & Burke; Sandals: Steve Madden

Ok so by the way, September is a big month in my little fashion world.  Zara opened the doors of it’s US online store for the first time. [Uhh YES.] Also, Missoni is doing a sassy and pattern-filled line for Target that hits stores on September 13th. [Double YES.]

Is it just me or are you all feeling a compulsion to buy school supplies right now? Maybe it’s just me… Regardless, when I went to Target the other day I kept trying to find things on my list but it seemed every aisle I turned down led back to the school supplies. After about 30 minutes I realized that during my trips through the area, someone must have been putting things in my basket without telling me. It took a significant amount of will power to replace the pencil pack, highlighters, spiral notebooks and awesome assignment pad that person had selected for me. But I did it. Now I have no idea what my assignments are this week. What a mess.

How is September going for you all? Off to a good start?

Sorry I said “sassy” 100 times this post. Sometimes I can’t help myself.


3 thoughts on “Sugar, Spice and A Little Bit of Sassy

  1. I’m so happy I have you to keep me “in the know” with fashion!! I don’t even know what’s in right now! Thank goodness I have your blog to let me know what is sassy 😉 and I feel like I can hear your voice as I’m reading your words…it makes me smile!

    So far September is good!! But oh my goodness it’s flying by…and we still have to get dinner together. Email/text me!!!

  2. okay so you probably don’t remember me, but I was one of your campers wayyyy back in 2007 blue heaven year! and I was just casually on facebook and saw that you had a blog and I read it and saw this post, and I live in richmond and go to carytown all.the.time. next time you’re here, tell me!! it’s been so long, but I’d really love to see you! you were definitely a memorable counselor that year of my life(:
    ~maddy mallory

    1. Hey Maddy!
      Of course I remember you – you are so sweet to write on my blog. My boyfriend lives in Richmond so I’m up there every once in awhile and will let you know next time I head that way. So glad you loved that year- camp is such a special place and I loved being a counselor 🙂 It’s wonderful to hear from you and I hope you are doing well!

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