Maxi Dresses and Messenger Bags

I love maxi dresses. Period. They are fabulous and such a great way to transition from summer to fall because they are still breezy and fun but don’t look quite so June when the September weather turns mild in the evenings. I wore this little number out for a fun evening with friends recently and it was the perfect thing for dinner al fresco overlooking the river and enjoying this beautiful time of year!

Dress: Miuse from Francesca’s; Shoes: Fioni c/o Payless; Bracelet & Ring: Vintage; Purse: Madewell – similar

Favorite highlights of the week?

My big brother came to visit me from Charlotte for a bit the other day! He organized the amazing trip we took to Belize last month, so it was great to hear how he has settled back in after our adventure. Warning, this next bit is slightly cheesy: I basically have the best family ever. I’m blessed to have parents who love and support each other as well as encourage and stand behind me and my siblings. I’m number three of the four kids in my family and we’re all about 2.5 years apart, so it is like I have four built-in friends who love me unconditionally and laugh at my jokes. Who could ask for more?  I’m not trying to make anyone jealous, but… jealous?

I checked out the new Raleigh Forum downtown – a very cool coworking space my new friends Cristina and Sara Rose Roman recently opened! It is right downtown and is a unique combination of the old architecture preserved in downtown that gives the area such personality (exposed beams and brick, big windows overlooking the area) and modern furniture and decor within the space. Favorite part? Probably the huge whiteboard area where people can gather to brainstorm, collaborate and get to know each other and each other’s business. If you are in the area, definitely swing by and see what they have going on.

Yoga + Cardio Hip Hop… Those classes are my jam. I love them. I know I need to do some “real” exercise too, so I’ll keep you posted on that, but seriously, how can I convince myself that the hour and a half I spend at the gym should be spent on a treadmill thinking “whoever invented treadmills is the WORST” instead of doing the amazing choreography in BOA’s “Eat You Up” or dancing to Beyonce’s “Who Run The World”?  See, now don’t you feel silly for even thinking that? I know. Now, let’s go dance.


4 thoughts on “Maxi Dresses and Messenger Bags

    1. Thanks! Got them on a great sale at Francesca’s – it’s always good for fun jewelry at a decent price. Not sure if they have them up in NJ but you can shop online 🙂

  1. This dress is my favorite!! And I’ve been wanting a messenger bag so bad lately! My big bulky purse just gets in the way too much. And don’t feel like you need to run on the treadmill instead of Cardio Hip Hop! Exercise should be fun and the treadmill is the worst…stick with what you love 🙂 But what does make the treadmill better is intervals…1 minute sprint + 2 minute walk/jog…repeat 5-8 times and it’ll be much more exciting

    1. Thanks lady! I’ll keep an eye out and let you know if I see any cute messenger bags if you’ll keep an eye out for some fun maxi dresses for me, deal? 🙂 Thanks for the suggestion about the treadmill! I want to get back into running but it just isn’t as much fun for me right now (I go through phases) but maybe I’ll try the intervals. I didn’t mid those at HEAT because it was a mental game – push for a minute and then break… I’ll let you know how it goes!

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