Professional With A Punch

Hello friends! So when I was in business school, we were coached on how to dress for professional events. I never really settled comfortably into the suit + button down look. Each piece separately could be interesting, but all combined it felt very stiff and manly. I don’t mean a  menswear-inspired-trendy kind of manly, I mean I literally feel like I’m in dressed up as my dad on his way to work. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good off the cuff costume day… What’s better than Masquerade Mondays right? Regardless, the full suit n’est pas gonna happen.

Shirt & Skirt: J.Crew; Belt: Forever 21; Shoes: Target

I wore this outfit to an alumni networking event at one of my favorite restaurants in downtown Raleigh recently. It is my foray into dressing appropriately for adulthood while holding on to that tiny rebellious spirit that says “No way, jose” to suits and “Don’t mind if I do…” to magenta pencil skirts and ruffle blouses. So, professional working world, here I am. Take it or leave it… or take it, preferably, because this is me being an adult and I hope you like it. Professional with a punch, yeah.

Suggested Re-mixes:
1. Navy silk button down blouse instead of the ruffles and a python belt instead of black.
2. Cheetah print cardigan instead of the ruffle blouse. Black pumps.
3. Chambray blouse, gold belt and patterned neutral colored pumps.

Sorry the pictures are sub-par in quality. My wonderful photographer hasn’t been here to take pictures in a few days, so I’ve been exploring self-timer and in the mirror shots. Anyone nearby want to volunteer high quality photography services gratis? Hmm? You’d be my favorite.


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