Burn It Out

That’s what my trainer said at the end of our hour long training session today. “Okay let’s just come over here on the ARC trainer and burn it out.” Mind you, he said this as he pumped up the resistance and incline to their max settings. Wait, I thought “burning it out” was what we were doing this whole time?

Call me impulsive but I’m basically going 0 to 60 on the exercise piece of this adventure into a balanced life. Due to the constraints of my work hours since I’ve lived in Raleigh, regular exercise was mainly at the 0 end of that range. I dabbled in HEAT Studios workouts, but after an ankle injury (seriously, another one? ugh.) I had to back off.

My favorite way to get my adrenaline pumping is in Hip Hop Cardio classes. I decided I like Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga as well… instead of doing separate poses, this style is a dynamic flow of poses so you stay moving the whole time. Love it.

Because right now I have had a bit more time on my hands, I hired a personal trainer (he is awesome.) to help me jump start the exercise piece of my balanced life. Because I was athletic and active in my past, I just get frustrated and discouraged on my own, so having someone to chat with, direct me and encourage me is pretty awesome.

Workout Recap

Mondays and Wednesdays: High Intensity Circuit Training with Ryan (my trainer). We do everything from rowing, running stairs and sprints to kettle bell swings, pull-ups and weighted sit-ups.

Tuesdays: Run in the morning and an awesome hour and a half of Hip Hop at night. The length of the run varies, but I’m trying to stick to about 3 miles through downtown at this point!

Thursdays: Yoga and Hip Hop classes back to back at the gym. Woo woo.

Fridays: Undecided… I’m thinking I should add a run in here, too.

Weekends: Half the time I’m traveling or have someone in town, so these are really unpredictable. Nice cop out, right? But seriously – I’m at a bachelorette weekend this coming one and then a wedding the next weekend, had friends in town last weekend and was out of town the one before that!
…Told you. So there. Talk to the hand. In your face. Am I overdoing the 5th grade insults?

So that is the general layout I’m shooting for, but as I build out this blog I’ll post more consistent updates about the workout piece. I welcome any tips for staying motivated and any fun new workout suggestions!

Do you have a standard workout you do each day or week, or do you just go to the gym when feeling inspired? What are your favorite workout classes?


One thought on “Burn It Out

  1. My go-to routine used to be running, but I think the key to being consistent at working out is not only getting into a routine, but changing that routine up now and again. I loved training for my half-marathon, and the goal was to get good at running…so that’s basically all you do…but I’m loving cycling, body pump, yoga, running…all in one week now. It’s so fun and I’m always looking forward to the next workout because it’s exciting! I think it’s also been helpful for me to write down my workout schedule on Sunday nights. I look at my week and compare it to the gym’s group class schedule and then figure out what days I’m going solo and what days I’m going to class. Love it!

    Your plan sounds awesome! I can’t wait to hear how it goes plus how you like your trainer! I think you’re totally fine with being flexible on the weekends. I bet if you workout hard during the week…you’ll def need a rest day by the weekend…then you’ll also crave a workout just because you get used to it…even if it’s a walk 🙂

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