Closet Shopping: Clean and Color Coded

I have a sneaking suspicion that Stacy London and Clinton Kelly from “What Not To Wear” are reading my blog for style tips, so just in case I’m right (hey guys!): I want to be on your show, but not because I need my closet thrown away. Instead, I think it would be so fun to “Shop My Closet” and figure out what is missing, then (twist my arm) create new outfits with the $5,000! Sounds awesome, right?

I’ve considered writing to TLC suggesting “Shop My Closet” as a spin-off show for people who have fun clothes but want Stacey and Clinton to remix them. I love doing this myself, but it is more fun to have another creative set of eyes. Since TLC and I are still in the storyboard phase (meaning I have the idea, they don’t know about it yet…) I went ahead and got my closet organized.

I have trouble holding onto things. For years. Like more than 5 years. Here is why: “What if…” – I need it for a costume party; it is the only thing that works for this event; it comes back into style; I can never find a replacement… So fighting my pack-rat instincts, I purged three trash bags full for Goodwill and color coded the rest…

I also got a little crafty and decided to test out a new way to organize some of my jewelry and belts. Still working on an organized purse situation… Any good ideas?

I also uncovered an interesting phenomenon while organizing the drawers in my dresser… Apparently I can’t control myself when I have the option to buy soft v-neck pocket t’s. Though it may seem excessive, at least the majority of these shirts are $8 from Target and each has been purchased on it’s own. I’d request an intervention if I’d become one of those “I like this, so I’ll buy one in every color!” people. That’s only appropriate for grandmothers and parents of quintuplets.

So this is my closet post – getting organized, ready for some fall remixes, shopping my closet (with or without you, Stacy and Clinton. Kidding, call me!)

Do you purge your closet periodically? How do you stay organized? Am I the only one who organizes by color? Don’t answer that, I’m disproportionately proud of it every time I look in my closet.


5 thoughts on “Closet Shopping: Clean and Color Coded

  1. holbs! come do this to my closet. it’s on my to-do list because of the insane amount of clothes from high school that i keep thinking might come back in style…not the case.

    1. You never know!! I mean look around, the 80’s and 60’s are killing it right now. Throw on some flare jeans and a glittery structured jacket with sequins and you are totally on trend 🙂 Kidding, I support purging the closet and would LOVE to come do this for you… Mainly for the great company. Miss you Daws!

  2. we had a hat rack in college with all of our purses/bags! and as far as sorting preferences…is it weird that i sort by fabric?

    1. FABRIC? No way, I love it! Could you send me a picture with labels? Living on a budget unfortunately means that my “polyester” section might be (shamefully) disproportionately large so until I make the big bucks, I’ll stick to organizing by color haha

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