Carlos Miele, I Love You

I love Carlos Miele. I was just looking through his Fall 2011 Runway looks and couldn’t resist sharing a few. He uses such lovely colors and featured some of my favorites in this collection – cobalt, chartreuse, cream, crimson and soft peach. He goes beyond the quirky color palette, however, and combines them in such interesting fabrics, pairing rope embellishments with the satiny textures and soft, silky draping he’s known for.

He also incorporated jumpsuits, hoods and capes into the collection that were so beautifully done they weren’t overshadowed by his stunning gowns. Here are a few of my favorite looks from his show:

Also: color blocking. It has shown up all over the style blogs I follow for the past year – here is a fun example from Jessica at What I Wore and from Kendi at Kendi Everyday. In my opinion, Carlos Miele perfects the trend in this collection by combining unexpected colors. It makes me wonder what color combos I am missing out on by sticking to my same-old-same-olds. Keep an eye out for an outfit post this week with a new color combo and let me know what you think. Maybe burgundy and gold?

What unexpected color combos have you tried that have worked well? What are your favorite colors for fall? Anyone want to take me to Lincoln Center for fashion week someday?


2 thoughts on “Carlos Miele, I Love You

    1. I think Rent the Runway doesn’t always do a good job of showing the dresses – a lot of them look better on. Let’s throw a fancy event and rent some fancies, hmm? I’ve never had an occasion.

      Thanks for sharing Alison Baenen’s Style write-up! I am so envious of her life/job. Maybe someday… 🙂

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