Well Hello There October

Where in the world did September go? Or August, for that matter! This is getting way out of control. Everybody just calm down. I don’t need anything rushing me into forecasts of wintery mixes and icy rain, so Fall, take your time.

Moving on.

This post was inspired by my sweet friend over at sMiles from Callie. She posted a goals challenge back in September, so I’ve been brainstorming what mine would be for October. Interestingly, just as October got started, my friend Sara Rose from Change the Triangle and The Raleigh Forum invited me to join her and a variety of other downtown Raleigh-ites in the Wellness Challenge hosted by Blissful Mind Wellness. It starts off with identifying measurable goals for the 8 week challenge, so, it would seem that my world is encouraging me to set some goals for the fall!

October Goals:

1. Ramp up my mileage to 15-20 miles each week.
My feelings about running are mercurial at best, but I believe that the more regularly it is part of my schedule and the better I get at it, the more I’ll like it. Anyone have an experience that confirms that?

2. Volunteer at two events in the Raleigh area.
Downtown Raleigh is bursting with everything from impromptu Twitter-orchestrated happy hours to local boutiques collaborating in fashion shows. So many of them support a good cause and I think there is a certain amount of social responsibility that comes with living and working in a city… So let me know if you want to join me!

3. No impulse shopping, only remixing.
I’m in the midst of a budget-wary season of life, so as I transition out of summer clothes and start digging into my fall clothes, I am going to focus on mixing things in a new way rather than just getting new things when I’m bored. I’ll incorporate remix suggestions into my blogs like I did here, too!

4. Read two more books.
I’m on a book-reading kick but am still slightly in mourning because The Hunger Games has come to an end. Send me suggestions! (Yeah yeah, call me a nerd if you must, but 4th grade me who loved writing book reports and did more than required in summer reading would be proud, and if you can’t make 4th grade you proud then really what is there to life? Right? I thought so.)

5. Get my blood pumping first thing in the morning.
This is going to be the hardest… I hate mornings. I’d stay up until 4am every night if sleeping until noon was conducive to functioning in society.

By the way, who decides “normal adult hours” anyway? Society schmociety. Rude. Ok I’ll adjust, but because I want to, not because anyone of those “normal adults” made me feel like keeping a vampire-esque schedule isn’t totally legit and adult-like…

Do you set goals randomly throughout the year or just wait til New Years to self-motivate for a few days? Have any volunteer or book suggestions? Send them my way! Also, who is going to keep me accountable for my no-shopping remix-only promise… hmm?


2 thoughts on “Well Hello There October

  1. Yay goals!! I definitely agree with goal 1, the more you do it the better you get at it, but it’s still hard! I’ve read numerous articles on how important it is to ramp up cardio in order to see lean muscle, so I’m right there with you on goal 1! I’m going to cycle twice a week, running two to three days, intervals on the elliptical plus body pump twice a week is my winning combo!
    AND think about me when you wake up!! When I wake up early I think about other people I know working out early and it actually works because I’m a little competitive like that 🙂
    Lastly, I need some good books too! I’m currently reading The Long Run by Matt Long. Very inspirational. What books do you recommend? Any books similar to The Help?

    1. Good to know – definitely worth the hard work to get better at it though! I’m doing a combination of running, hip-hop dance class and high-intensity circuit training but maybe I’ll add in those elliptical intervals, that sounds intense! I’m so impressed by your motivation and discipline 🙂

      Books… Let’s see. I haven’t read anything similar to The Help lately, most of my books have been a little darker in theme for some reason – I loved “Room” and The Hunger Games trilogy. I’m finishing up “Lovely Bones” now too. All dark. I’ll keep brainstorming and let me know if you uncover any!

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