As Summer Into Autumn Slips

I love living in the south. The seasons are full force and right now, we are hitting a high note. Sunshine and temperate weather, but the crisp air that only happens in autumn… I’m so enjoying it. Does anyone know a place that stays like this year round? I’d consider buying a summer/winter house there. Who’s in?

Dress – Francesca’s; Shoes – Bandolino; Jewelry – vintage; Belt – J.Crew

So I wrote a whole post earlier today and when I clicked Publish, WordPress logged me out. SO. ANNOYING. Unfortunately it was my pièce de résistance – brilliantly clever, witty and quite hilarious, so I’m sorry you missed it.

Do these shoes look glowy on your screen? I promise they don’t in real life. I’m having fun pairing non-obvious colors this fall. This orangey coral tone is topping my list because it works with navy, green, brown, cream and a variety of other colors. What colors are you accessorizing with?

Remix Ideas:

1. Throw on a jean jacket, cream scarf and some light brown oxford flats to for a cooler weather casual look.

2. Add navy tights, brown leather boots and a long navy cardigan, then cinch together with the gold belt outside the sweater.


To tell you the truth, I’ve been a bit off-kilter lately. My schedule is weird, I’ve been traveling, am applying to grad school (!), and am in the midst of training for the Ragnar Race I’m running in January. I’ll dress up for meetings and networking events, but don’t have a reason to get done-up every day and I’m afraid my closet is feeling forgotten and rejected. I can tell because it dumped a pile of clothes on my floor that I now have to clean up. Such an attitude, ugh.

Do you ever feel like an unpredictable schedule throws you off your game? I hope your week is off to a great start!


2 thoughts on “As Summer Into Autumn Slips

    1. Thanks Ali! Haha I think we both spent more than our fair share of time in sweats freshman year – how things have changed! 🙂 Aren’t those shoes fun? I wear so much black that I’m always on the hunt for fun colored pumps.

      I’m thinking of applying to get a Master’s in Occupational Therapy – big career shift but something I’ve been considering for awhile. We’ll see. I’ll keep you posted!

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