Spooky Nights and Candy Treats

I love Halloween. I just do. I’m not a creepy creep or anything, but how fun is dressing up in a costume, celebrating for basically no reason and having an excuse to eat candy? I heard that Halloween candy doesn’t have any calories – don’t worry, it’s true because it’s Science.

Anyway, what are y’all dressing up as this year? I have to admit, as much as I love the holiday, it has been quite some time since I actually invested time into a great, creative costume. Last year I was a goth (never again) and the year before I was a hippie… tooootally unique and creative, right?

When I was a child, my mom came up with the craftiest most inventive costumes for us and we made them right at home! Never any of that store-bought junk. I love that I have such fun memories of scooping out pumpkin goop and watching to see what my dad would create when he carved them. I’m one of four kids, so we’d get one short fat pumpkin and one tall skinny one and then each sibling would draw for two facial features to design [eyebrows, eyes, nose, smile]. Love it.

Okay but seriously, Halloween is such a short time away and I’ve been watching a LOT of Ghost Whisperer and the ABC Halloween movie marathon in preparation, so send me your costume ideas!

Audrey Hepburn as Holly Golightly; Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz; Rosie the Riveter; Panam Stewardess; Coco Chanel


Eagerly awaiting your ideas… Happy Halloween πŸ™‚


6 thoughts on “Spooky Nights and Candy Treats

  1. i vote katniss “girl on fire” everdeen, debbie downer, an angry bird, and/or charlie sheen’s twitter feed. #youregonnabeawesome

    1. Someday I WISH I could be as awesome as Katniss “girl on fire” and have a super cool costume like the ones Cinna created… But alas, Kelly Kapowski had to suffice πŸ™‚ What were you lady?

  2. love your blog elizabeth! i have christina to thank πŸ™‚ i’m thinking of dressing as a hipster…not the most creative but at least i could wear pants and a long sleeve shirt and stay warm? ha.

    1. Thanks!! Haha a hipster is a great costume, is that what you ended up doing? Thanks for commenting – glad Cristina passed my blog along. I’m excited for our blogger group to hang out!

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