Purple Rain

Happy November! Weird. Where the heck did October go? Rude, the months reaaaaally need to stop flying by like this.

Anyway, I have this theory that the South is better than everywhere else (no bias of course) and I’ve been tracking empirical data… And today pretty much proved it. I sat outside in shorts and a t-shirt, basking in beautiful sun and a 67 degree breeze while I studied for the GRE today and it was pure bliss.

Speaking of bliss… I am LOVING the Blissful Mind Wellness Challenge that I’m doing. Recording my food, exercise, and general lifestyle has been such a fun way to really reconnect with my body and get a sense of how I’m taking care of myself.

Dress: Soprano from Bloomingdales, Scarf: Madewell, Shoes: BCBG

Also, I love scarves – specifically, transitional scarves. Nothing is more fun than accessorizing with a fun scarf when you aren’t using it to keep from shivering. And purple – what a rich, delicious color. Again I apologize for the quality of these pictures, my best photographer lives in Richmond, so when he can’t make the 2+ hour jaunt down here to Raleigh, I’m left to my own devices.

Any ideas on adding scarves to your outfits? I’m in a bit of conflict about incorporating them to business casual outfits. Do you wear scarves with blazers or to work?

PS. I have the tastiest pumpkin spice candle lit and it’s making me so happy 🙂


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