TOMS, Rachel Zoe & Fashionanthropy

Womp womp, you caught me. Fashionanthropy is a totally made up word. But when it comes right down to it, the mix of fashion and philanthropy is just what I wanted to write about.

Quick caveat before I dive right in, though: It is super frustrating when people in the public eye act like because they are famous or wealthy, their opinions should carry more weight and influence than others’. So often these statements are based on emotion or trend rather than on research about the issues, a personal conviction or specific experience and knowledge about current events.

Unfortunately, so many famous people are influential about hugely important issues when they are merely spouting propaganda or trendy opinions. If the issues matter so much, why don’t you sell one of your 4 Bentleys or buy a $7 million home instead of a $70 million home and donate your extra dinero?

OKAY. Soapbox done, I promise. And now, look how these people who are in the public eye are making such a difference 🙂 Hey, I’m not an extremist, okay, lay off me!

Not For Sale + AllSaints T-Shirt Collection

Not For Sale is an amazing organization devoted to ending modern slavery, which exists in the form of child-labor, sex slave trade and an enormous number of kidnappings from countries around the world. Their partner, AllSaints, is an innovative fashion design company that promotes aesthetic and creativity across all industries, including music. Check out their Basement Sessions.

Rachel Zoe’s “Give and Let Give”

Rachel Zoe and her team pulled together some great philanthropic finds on the fashion front. They range from to popular designer jeans company J Brand‘s “Charity in Color” campaign to keep kids in school to Same Sky, a fair-trade company created to empower women worldwide by teaching marketable skills and providing steady employment.

TOMS Shoes “One For One” Movement

A sweet friend of mine from college took a job at TOMS just after she graduated in May 2007, jumping on board with the now-popular brand right as it began to grow. I love TOMS – not only because the shoes are adorable and comfy, but because they are a company devoted to a mission, and devoted to expanding beyond the limitations of their initial imagination for this brand. If you aren’t familiar, for every pair of TOMS shoes that is sold, a pair of shoes is donated to children in need.

What inspires you? Do you have any non-profits, charities or organizations you like to invest in each year?


4 thoughts on “TOMS, Rachel Zoe & Fashionanthropy

  1. I love this post! I did a lot of work with social enterprise in college, so the intersection of consumerism and philanthropy always interested me. Do you know about Warby Parker and their model?

    I also wrote a paper about celebrity spokespeople and the positive and negative effects they can have! Really interesting topic too!

    1. I love it, social enterprise is definitely something I’m passionate about, so I love finding examples of companies doing powerful things! And yes, I’ve heard of them but loved reading about it on Kaileen’s blog. Thanks for sharing! I’d love to read your paper sometime as well.

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