Raleigh: America’s #1 City!

UPDATE: Raleigh has also landed a spot on Southern Living’s Tastiest Towns List! We’re recognized for our great Farmers’ Market and local chefs devoted to North Carolina’s culinary heritage. Well said and might I add a resounding yummmm 🙂

We won, hooray! I’m the first to admit that I’ll always be an Atlanta girl at heart, but I have fully embraced the city I’ve called home for the past few years and I’m thrilled to see it atop Businessweek’s List of Best Cities in America!

My favorite description:

    Many urbanites appreciate cities’ bustling streets and constant activity. Raleigh, though active, is often described as “a park with a city in it,” according to the city tourism site, and the downtown area has wide sidewalks, public art, and outdoor cafes, according to the Downtown Raleigh Alliance.

My friend, Cristina, posted a few questions on her blog recently, asking people living in Raleigh what they love about the area, so I thought I’d answer them myself and pose them to all of you!

1) What are three must see spots in Raleigh?

2) Best restaurant to get a taste of the city?

3) Best place for live entertainment (music, sports, comedy, theater, etc.)?

4) Best shopping?

5) Other highlights?

Thoughts? I’d love to hear what you’d add to the list and what you think makes Raleigh the #1 city in America!


7 thoughts on “Raleigh: America’s #1 City!

    1. Yes! I love that you like Father and Sons – let’s go some weekend! It’s sort of a hidden gem of Raleigh. I got some sweet vintage red wayfarers there last trip… I need to make a return visit. Can’t wait to see your list!

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