It’s Christmas Time in the City

What a wonderful Christmas! I hope you all had happy Christmases filled with yummy treats and fun festivities as well. I still get that giddy excitement in the days leading up to Christmas like I did as a kiddo, even though the past few years have brought change.


The Atria – My grandparents used to live in this retirement home. The friends they made there were wonderful and all the staff members were such sweet caretakers, so each Christmas we go back and take them a treat! Many of the residents don’t have family nearby and no matter how long past, we always miss our grandparents, so it was special to spend some time with them on Christmas Eve.


Four siblings + an engagement – My brother is engaged!!! I am so excited to be adding a new sister to the family. I’ve written about how close my family is, and she will be a wonderful addition. I CAN’T WAIT. Oh yeah, and she asked me to be a bridesmaid. Squeal 🙂


eXile International – For Christmas this year I decided to do something a little different. I am so inspired by the mission of eXile International and their commitment to social justice in Congo and Uganda. They provide expressive therapy for child soldiers and children affected by war in an effort to create a generation of Soldiers for Peace rather than war. So this year I gave each of my family members two things: a SING! sponsorship and a little jar filled with notes of encouragement for them to look at if they’re having a bad day.


Movies – We Bought a Zoo, Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, Girl With The Dragon Tattoo and Sherlock Holmes. Wheeewy, I am movie-d out! Shockingly, I’d recommend them all, but for very different reasons. We Bought a Zoo is precious and has the cutest little girl in history. Sherlock Holmes is hilarious and has great action, as does MI. Girl With The Dragon Tattoo is very dark but has a great story. If you want more details, just ask 🙂


Family Reunion of 30+ Holbys – Every year all the extended family members come to my parents’ house and we celebrate with delicious food, presents and, of course, the traditional festive piñata. Yes, we have a piñata every year. No, I don’t know why. But it’s awesome.

What are your favorite holiday memories and traditions?


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