10 Things I’m Hopeful For In 2012

Thanks to my awesomely clever and quirky friend Morgangster for the inspiration behind this post.

In 2012, I am hopeful…

1. That Adele and/or The Civil Wars ask me to perform with them and/or record a cover of one/many of their songs for them to listen to.

2. That I will stay disciplined enough in my running that I won’t have to dread going on a run anymore. It will happen, it has to. You all are responsible for keeping me accountable now so there!

3. That my teams will dominate! My teams: Atlanta Braves!! Wake Forest Demon Deacons!! And assorted others, but those are on top of my list.

4. That Someone Will Send the Mayans a New Calendar – Theirs runs out this year, and as brilliant, mystical and violent as they were, I’d prefer for them to be wrong on this one. Sorry, Mayans, don’t kill me. (But seriously, I’ve read about your traditions. Creepy.)

5. That people will get over the Kardashians. I’m fully supportive of random **talented** people gaining fame, but they’re just… bleh. Kind of like Snooki. #DoubleVom

6. That somehow Zooey Deschanel, Chelsea Handler, Whitney Cummings and Tina Fey will team up and create such hilarity that what ensues is too outrageous and awesome to even predict.

7. That I’ll get to spend a day with Phil Dunphy and Cam Tucker, and that at some point during that day, I will transform into Gloria (Sofia Vergara).

8. That a conspiracy theory will be uncovered and validated! I love a good mystery. Also, I love the idea of discovering something written off years ago. For example: The Romanovs of Russia. Anastasia definitely escaped the Bolsheviks. Such a pity that she didn’t come forward.

9. That I will get to go to awesome shows, including but not limited to: Adele, Mumford & Sons, Avett Brothers, The Civil Wars… and so many more 🙂

10. That my life will continue to become balanced, and that on my adventure in finding that balance, my blog will develop more of a consistent voice because I post more regularly. Fashion, Fitness, Philanthropy… Welp, now you have to keep me accountable for that too!

What are you hopeful about this year?


9 thoughts on “10 Things I’m Hopeful For In 2012

  1. skadoosh!
    um, just recently found out about your blog. love it. especially the “back to the future” reference. SKADOOSH

    1. Yes! Wedding workout in motion starting, yesterday 🙂 I’m building up my distance slowly so I don’t get burned out. Running Recap coming soon! Send me your plan!

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