SMART Goals For Spring

SMART: specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time-limited.

As I mentioned, I’ve got the running bug 🙂 The race last weekend was so much fun and the runners on my team and throughout the race were quite inspiring. Some runners ran more than 20 miles total, and others ran legs of the race that were almost as long as all three of my legs combined!

What I kept thinking was “This is amazing, I just wish the running wasn’t such a struggle for me!” That partly has to do with the lack of training I put in, and partly with a more long-term lack of activity. The past year and a half for me has been full of ups and downs, and unfortunately, as I rode the roller coaster, certain things just fell to the wayside. One of those was exercise.

For a long time I was an athlete. I played soccer, ran cross country, competed as a spring board diver, went rock climbing… Then I became an adult. My biggest struggle wasn’t the desire to exercise, it was beating myself up for not being able to do what I once could when I got back on the horse after a few months of inactivity.

So, I am enacting SMART goals. NOTE: This is not a New Year’s Resolution. Those are dumb, and for quitting. This is just… life. I’m learning to take it slow to avoid burnout and extend myself grace. No, I can’t go run a half marathon like I did my freshman year of college. But…

I CAN run 2 miles.

I CAN improve my speed.

I CAN go to the gym regularly and build endurance.

Whew, I’m so empowered now.

So what is my SMART goal for January? Well, I have about 17 days left and my goal is to go to the gym 5 days each week and run 2 miles, then [power!!] walk on an incline for another 1.5 miles. I made this goal the Monday after the Ragnar Race and so far have been quite successful. Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday = Check! Just gotta keep up the momentum.

Here is where my request comes in to you. KEEP ME ACCOUNTABLE. I have to wear a bridesmaid dress in, oh, 155 days and I need to feel comfortable in my skin. Running is my best strategy. Plus, it makes me feel so good once I’m done… and that sense of accomplishment and knowledge that I’m doing something good for my body is totally worth it.

SMART goal:

Specific – run 2 miles and walk on incline 1.5 at least 5 days each week for the duration of January

Measurable – uhh… see Specific. Also, I printed a calendar and have color coordinated it with highlighters. Hey, 7th grade!

Attainable – see the “I CAN” section.

Relevant – Running bug + ending a period of inactivity because my new job is AWESOME + weddings + historical athleticism = Yep, relevant.

Time limited – I’ll be back in February with NEW GOAL!! WOOOOO. Also, I’ll be back before then with updates.

Ok friends, I have 2 questions.

Are we fans of this kind of post or is it just too rambly?

AND —> What are your goals this spring?


2 thoughts on “SMART Goals For Spring

  1. I get most of my exercise just in my daily life since I am on foot and in a hurry most of the time. It works for me, but when the weather gets really cold or hot, I tend to slack off some. Getting an app or tracking my routes on Google maps keeps me motivated, lets me know when I need to amp it up a little, and lets me know when I’m doing well. Once I finish PT, I want to incorporate yoga to add strength and flexibility to the mix. I think being realistic about what one’s interests, goals and proclivities are helps motivate rather than pressure.

    1. I’m so jealous you live in a walking city! My work is a 30 minute commute and for all of Raleigh’s greatness, they haven’t figured out the magic of public transportation yet. I’ve gotten into a great gym routine, so hopefully blogging will keep me honest and on track 🙂 Just recently I added in swimming and yoga to the mix.

      Speaking of apps – Map My Run and My Fitness Pal are both awesome! Which ones do you use?

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