Jewel Tones and My Cool New Boots

I got cool new boots, guys. I hope you like them. If you don’t, I do, so… yep. 🙂

Cardigan: Target, Blouse: GAP, Corduroys: Madewell, Boots: Steve Madden, Ring: Vintage

Some days you just need to feel cool. Some days you also need to feel like saying you need to feel cool doesn’t make you feel less cool. When I woke up this morning, I thought “It’s one of those cool days.”

As I approached my closet, feeling alert and channeling a sense of coolness, I just knew I’d find something great (because I like pretty much everything in my closet). I looked upon my choices with new eyes and suddenly noticed this gem of a blouse peaking out at me. That’s all it took, and the outfit was a no-brainer. Truly inspired.

And people (my mom) say I have a flair for the dramatic… Psh

Aaaanyway, speaking of cool, where is Coolio these days? He had great hair… and when it comes right down to it, there is nothing cooler than Coolio singing “Gangsta’s Paradise” featuring Michele Pfeiffer. I bet she’d wear this outfit.


3 thoughts on “Jewel Tones and My Cool New Boots

  1. I have a blue shirt (maternity tank actually) that reminds me of this one. I like how you paired it with the cardigan. I’d never think to put two colors like that together, but I love it. The problem is it’s kind of sheer where yours is black. I haven’t figured out what to wear under it or how to pull it off. Ideas?

    1. Hmm, I’d say putting a black tank underneath is always a great option! And I love combining unexpected colors – olive + navy, cobalt + black + raspberry, cream + anything, actually haha.

      I tend to think most colors are neutrals that go with anything, and then add a pop of color in an accessory or something. Matching is overrated, coordinating, though, is the best 🙂

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