Double Ruffles and Red Wedges

Why wear one ruffled item when you can wear two, am I right? (Alison, I know you ask yourself that regularly.) And what more could a girl want than a pop of red in wedge form peaking out from a great pair of black bootcut jeans?

What I’m trying to say here is this outfit makes me happy. It’s not one I’ve worn before, but it may be sneaking out again soon.

Cardigan: Banana Republic, Blouse: Moulinette Soeurs Vetements, Jeans: Loft, Wedges: Payless, Ring: Vintage

OH YEAH. I forgot to tell you guys this: Sorry for the low low low quality pictures. There is no excuse and I’ll do my best to remedy that this weekend when my photographer is finally back in town 🙂

Happy February. One month closer to the end of… well… let’s just hope the Mayans are wrong. If they aren’t, listen to this song before 12/12/12 because it’s AWESOME.


2 thoughts on “Double Ruffles and Red Wedges

    1. Someday, just wait, I’ll rub off on you and without even realizing how you got there, you’ll find yourself wandering around, casually singing Glee songs, wearing ruffles and loving every second of it. Sorry, Mayans 🙂

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