What To Wear Predicament: Wedding Related Attire

Dear Fashion Guru,

I’m planning for upcoming wedding showers, and am in a dilemma of what to wear. Since sundresses aren’t an option in chilly February and March, what’s a girl to do?


Designer in Distress


First of all, this was written by a dear friend, and the phrase “fashion guru” was used as a joke. I love style, but have no fear, I would never be so bold as to say “Hello, here am I, your fashion guru!”

Now that THAT is out of the way, let’s get down to business. This is a GREAT question. Wedding season is traditionally late Spring to early Fall, so early Spring weddings and events can be a bit tricky. There are quite a few things to consider when determining what to wear to weddings and wedding related events.

1. For weddings: time, location, personality of the people getting married, venue of the wedding and, of course, what the wedding party is wearing.

2. For wedding events: venue and hosts are the primary factors, but location, invitation style, theme of the event and attendees should also be considered.

Here are some examples of what I’d wear to a wedding event like a bridal shower, bridesmaid’s luncheon, or to an early spring, later winter wedding!

Modern Bridal ShowerWedding Wear - SkirtsSpringWinter Wedding Attire

What do you think? What would you wear to a late-winter bridal shower, bridesmaids luncheon or wedding?


4 thoughts on “What To Wear Predicament: Wedding Related Attire

  1. what would you wear if you are the bride? getting married March 3, 2pm, in cold Seattle, I am 50, but a very young and stylish girl. looking for ideas. I prefer short dresses, as I am short and petite.

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