Thursday PSA: Appropriate Gym Behavior

When there are treadmills available, and someone gets on the machine directly next to me…

And then I’m like “maybe if I make passive-aggressive faces, they’ll leave…”

And then that person then begins to run at what can only be an uncomfortable and unsustainable pace…


So then I switch to a different machine, but the person before me was apparently sweatier than anyone else in history and I’m like…

Lessons Learned:

1. If there are other machines available, use them. I don’t care what show you want to watch on the gym TV. Unless we’re power walking on an incline next to each other so we can talk, you better not be directly next to me.

2. Just run like a normal human being at a normal pace that doesn’t cause you to pound loudly on the treadmill. Also, it’s annoying. Seriously, though… Can’t you see me running here at a 10 minute pace hoping everyone thinks I’m doing an “easy” training day or that I already ran so far that I had to restart the treadmill and I’m actually just 12 minutes into my cool down?

3. And finally, if you sweat a lot… Listen, I get it, some people just sweat. Good for you, you’re hydrated. But if you are a man, please don’t wear a tank-top. You need all the help you can get to keep your perspiration under control and off my machine. Also, get a towel. Easy peasy.


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