A Parade of Dresses

Well this is just one dress, but be prepared, the parade is on it’s way. Spring means I wear dresses as often as possible.

Earrings, Heels – Target; Dress – Laundry by Shelli Segal; Purse – Gift

Hello little dress that I want to wear everywhere, all the time. My name is Elisabeth and I am thrilled to introduce you into my closet. First stop, my lovely friend Lauren’s bridesmaid brunch! Friends, wedding season is here and I’m pretty excited about it. This March wedding was way down in Thomasville, GA, which is basically Tallahassee and I welcomed the sunshine with open arms.

Let’s review:

Reunions with fun friends who no longer live in the same general location as each other? Check.

Fun parties that require fun party dresses? Check.

Dancing and delicious food? Check.

Toasts made by people who may or may not have the appropriate filter guiding their decisions about which stories to tell and which are just too awkward/embarrassing/incriminating? Check.

What more could you want? Mainly I’m excited about the dresses, shoes and dancing piece of the puzzle, but I’ll take the rest. Plus, I’m a total sentimental sap, and always end up shedding a few tears of joy, so I just love celebrating marriage in general.

Did I mention the cute heels and dresses and purses and dancing? Next up: April wedding in New York!


5 thoughts on “A Parade of Dresses

  1. This Laundry dress is gorgeous and so perfect for Spring/Summer! I think pairing it with the nude heels was perfection!
    XO – Marion
    PS – love the photo of you walking…you look gorgeous!

    1. Thanks, Marion! I’m slightly obsessed with the – definitely a lucky find, especially with all the friends’ weddings I have coming up in the next few months! I’m sure it will be making a cameo more than once 🙂

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