Black Speckled and Sheer

Top – Banana Republic; Jeans & Necklace – Madewell; Purse – Italy; Shoes – Bandolino; Ring – My Grandmothers; Earrings – Target

I haven’t posted an outfit since the wedding… as an apology and an explanation (excuse) I am posting this outfit. Here is the explanation for my lack of posting: I have been wearing this outfit pretty much every day since then. Except… in a really clean, not weird hippie kind of way, promise.

 You know when you find an outfit that just makes you feel good and you want to wear it all the time? This is that outfit for me. It probably has to do with the fact that my (wonderful) boss told me I look skinny in it, or that the jeans are a size smaller than I’ve been wearing, but regardless, it makes me feel good. Sheer and polka dots? Pretty much a no-brainer.

What is your no-brainer, go-to outfit that you throw on when you want to feel cute without reinventing the wheel?


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