Splurge or Steal: Summer Wedges

I had a serious “Splurge or Steal” moment the other day with my new favorite summertime wedges… and by that I mean that I would have never, even for a hot minute, considered splurging on these babies, but went for the steal in whatever amount of time is less than a heartbeat. Check ’em out…

Fancy-Schmancy Stuart Weitzman Wedges – $365 at Piperlime

The Ones I Went With: $24.99 at Target

And for something in the middle – $69 at Steve Madden

Hmm, what shall I do with the $340 I saved? Perhaps book an impromptu trip to Bermuda? Donate to a wonderful charity? Rent a horse for a day? Ooooh even better, rent a bouncy castle! Really the possibilities are endless. I feel so rich. Almost like Richie Rich. Or that kid in Blank Check. Truly, this is the life.

 Oh yeah, here is me wearing the shoes.

Did I mention that these shoes are RIDICULOUSLY comfortable? Well, they are. Paired them with my favorite Madewell bootcut jeans, a cream lace tank top, my new J.Crew bright pink cardigan and a fun long pendant necklace I got at H&M a few years ago. Didn’t get a chance to take a picture this go-round. Whoops… Next time, promise 🙂

When do you Splurge? Or do you always go for the steal?

*Disclaimer: I did not actually steal anything. 


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