30 Blog Post Challenge

My friend Ali over at Vegs and Vamps is doing this 30 blog post challenge, and I thought it would be interesting to do it along with her. If you’ve been reading my blog much, the topics kind of jump around from fitness to fashion to philanthropy (wait, those are just the categories I have  on here…) but never stay in one place consistently.

Source: exileinternational.org

I think that is what blogging is about, though. Figuring out what inspires you and writing about that. Those are still the topics that interest me, I’m just in the process of figuring out how I want to write about them. Its tricky to get quality pictures taken of outfits everyday when you aren’t one of those I-conveniently-married-a-photographer king of gals. The exercise posts get a little monotonous, but are good for keeping me accountable. And I’m traveling SO so much this summer that I won’t get to be as involved in volunteering or philanthropic activities as I’d like.

So, I’ll still be posting on those topics, and doing some weekend recaps (because I have awesome travel plans for most every weekend this summer, amazingly haha) but for the next month or two, I’ll also be interspersing answers to this 30 day challenge as well! Think of it as a “get to know you” or something 🙂

What do you most want to see or read about on here? I’d love to hear!

30 Day Blog Challenge 

Day1: What food item/meal could you eat everyday for the rest of your life?
Day2: Two things you wish you could tell your most recent ex.
Day3: Favorite TV show, of all time and currently.
Day4: What you want to do before you die.
Day5: Favorite place in the USA.
Day6: Favorite alcoholic drink.
Day7: The movie could you watch over and over again.
Day8: Your dream job.
Day9: Favorite book and what you’re currently reading.
Day10: Where are you from.
Day11: Your favorite date place.
Day12: Describe your siblings.
Day13: Someone you miss the most.
Day14: Someone you love.
Day15: Favorite store.
Day16: Your view on soulmates.
Day17: Celebrity crush.
Day18: Favorite band/singer.
Day19: The place/activity that relaxes you most when you’re stressed.
Day20: Favorite quote.
Day21: What your crush/bf/gf looks like.
Day22: What you look for in a person.
Day23: Your best friend, and why?
Day24: Person who knows everything about you.
Day25: Last time you cry and why?
Day26: Thing you love to do most.
Day27: Favorite Boy name and why?
Day28: Most recent concert.
Day29: Your most memorable birthday celebration.
Day30: Your biggest insecurity.


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