30 Blog Challenge – Day 2

Day 2: Two things you wish you could tell your most recent ex.

Hmmm… To be totally honest, there’s not much. Past relationships are just that: in the past. From my perspective, part of ending a relationship is moving forward believing that there is more in store for both of you. So all I really have to say is “I hope for great things for you, and thanks for the learning experience!”

I know, really NOT exciting.

Had I been asked this question a few years back, I would have eaten it up with tales of teenage angst, heartache and a lot of sentences ending in “You don’t understand, you don’t KNOW REAL PAIN!”

As you can see, I was a totally non-emotional, atypical, not overly dramatic teenager. [sarcasm? maybe just a touch]

So, because that is actually way more fun to read, let’s take a trip down memory lane back to high school to answer this Day 2 question!

~~~~~~~oooOOOoooOOO sail through time to yesteryear ~~~~~~~~

2001-2002. Freshman in high school.

Dear Ex-Love,

My emotions can best be summarized in the immortal lyrics of Dashboard Confessional’s “Again I Go Unnoticed”. Also, “The Places You Have Come to Fear The Most.”

Forever NOT Yours In Case You Don’t Remember Which You Probably Don’t,


Okay, okay, truth circle? I had Dashboard Confessional on repeat and scribbled things like “Strike true, for my pain is deep” in my journal. Unrequited love truly is the worst kind. I probably could have written a really great tween novel all about it, had I known what a success those turn out to be. Missed the boat on that one.

2002-2003. Sophomore year.

Dear Ex-Love,

My emotions can best be summarized in the immortal lyrics of Ani Difranco’s “Both Hands” which I listen to (and sing along with) everyday when I get home from school for an hour. Now excuse me while I go try to learn how to play the guitar.

Your Ex-Emo-Hippie,


Ask my brothers, they regularly made fun of me for it, but I think they really like Ani Difranco. I mean, what high school boys DON’T like acoustic girl-power music? I know, psh. Also, I’m pretty sure they could both sing all of the chorus, should you ask.

2003-2004. Junior year. 

Dear Ex-Love,

Apparently in high school “relationships” I only communicate through song lyrics, but I feel pretty good about that. Revisit Avril Lavigne’s 2002 and 2004 albums and you’ll get a sense of what I want to say to you. Except the whole Sk8r Boi part… I’m glad we never went there. I mean for goodness’ sake, Sk8rs, pull your pants up and dress in Gap like the rest of us! [sic – me, back then]

Wearing a Tie,


Senior year was all about the friends, not the guys, so there’s not much to share there. The romances of college looked a lot like “Hmm this seems interesting… actually, nevermind. Oh good, so we’re friends now. That worked out nicely!”

So basically what I’m trying to tell you is… Sorry you read all of that and I didn’t have a really exciting, juicy, bitter, snarky or otherwise ridiculous answer to “what would you say to an ex” hidden down here at the bottom. What I’m REALLY trying to tell you is: You’re welcome for the walk through high school, and I hope you enjoyed it.


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