Kelly Green and Summer Scarves

Dress – Anthropologie; Scarf – Gift; Belt, Earrings – Target; Shoes – Onex

So, I’ve reverted back to the iphone-self-shot-in-the-mirror pictures, but there is a reason! Right now I am traveling like a Panam stewardess in the 1960s who just landed on the cover of Time magazine and has to be the face of the brand on a bajillion flights. (Oh wait, that’s part of the plot of the show Panam, which I hope will return for a new season… but we’re getting off topic.)

Ahem, what I mean is that somehow, in the midst of wedding weekend events and graduation weekend parties and all that jazz, no one planned time for me to get pictures taken of myself standing somewhere cool and trying not to laugh at myself. How rude.

Anyway, I liked this outfit a surprising amount. I bought the dress a year or so ago and it came with a little green and black ribbon belt. Wearing it as intended felt too young and match-matchy, so I started experimenting with some accessories I hadn’t paired it with before and came up with this. Amazing how a summer scarf and wide belt can make an old outfit feel new. *Maaaagic*

See guys, I promised that I’d post pictures again, it just took a little longer than planned. If we’re all okay with some mirror shots for the time being, I’ll get back to business. If not, meh, just close your eyes.

pleated poppy

PS. I got the best compliment today. “Hey, you remind me of that weird girl, I mean that girl, who is in the show New Girl. Especially in that commercial where she’s talking to her phone.” Seriously, nothing could make me happier. [Girl in reference is Zooey Deschanel. Sigh, girl crush.]


2 thoughts on “Kelly Green and Summer Scarves

  1. love this outfit. you look so cute! and busty! haha. no homo.
    [side note, trying something different so hoping this comment post will work!!]

    1. Yay!! It worked, finally. In spite of all of WordPress’ unhelpfulness 🙂 And thankssss, I think it might be one of my new go-to dresses. (mostly for the bustiness… JK! haha)

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