Blog Challenge Day 3 – The One About TV

Day 3: Favorite TV show, of all time and currently. 

Let me begin by saying that as a youngin, I suffered many hardships. The primary hardship was a rule imposed by my parents that went as follows:

No TV allowed on school nights. Sunday counts.

As Cher would say, “Way harsh.” And I don’t mean this Cher, I mean this one, duh. In my mind, this rule was created to do several things: 1. Handicap me socially, 2. Keep me from experiencing the unbeknownst joys of weeknight television, and 3. Force me to do things like “read” or “do homework” or some garbage like that.

If I’m being honest, I was actually a nerd so the whole homework/reading thing was fine. I just learned how to quietly listen to other people talk about recent TV and pretend like I knew what they meant. When you’re in 6th grade, lunchtime conversations never stay on one subject very long unless you’re discussing all the guys you danced with, wanted to dance with, or strategically avoided dancing with at that weekend’s dance.

So, all that is to say, I didn’t watch much TV until college, and even then I didn’t watch much until I moved in with a TV-addict my junior year who always had something on (usually Seinfeld, which I actually disliked greatly, unfortunately.)

Currently, though, I do have some favorites! 

Friends {Note: I may have seen all the episodes at this point, but I love them as much the 10th time I see them as I did the first time.}

Bones and Criminal Minds – Apparently I love shows that are filled with characters who are geniuses.

Modern Family and New Girl – I also love any show that is filled with quick, dry wit and sarcasm. Also, it would appear that I love the Deschanel sisters. Meh, guilty.

And, last but certainly not least, and because I LOVE fairytales… Once Upon A Time.

By the way, on the finale of Criminal Minds last night, they played a song that I am now slightly obsessed with. It’s called “As It Seems” by Lily Kershaw. Never heard of her until now and this is the only song of hers that I can find on Spotify, so hopefully she’ll share more tunes in the future 🙂 Here it is, if you’re interested. Apologies for the cheesy/weird nature bulletin board slideshow happening:

What are your favorite TV shows? Am I missing something wonderful?


3 thoughts on “Blog Challenge Day 3 – The One About TV

  1. Our television rules were even ‘worse’, we were limited to PBS shows such as Wild America and irregular times. But it was okay, when I did get to watch TV all day I got a headache and felt depressed. So now I haven’t had a TV hooked up in years and, well I’m not running marathons any faster, but don’t miss it at all… except over the Christmas holidays when I have no idea who won which game and have to duck out of half the conversations.
    I added Gtask item for November 30th, “one month to start watching ESPN and cram on my sports knowledge for the Holby family gathering”. I’ll be prepared this year!

    1. SO funny! I’m not surprised your rules were even more strict in that area… We all turned out pretty “normal” in spite of it, though. Whatever “normal” means 🙂 I have sympathy about the sports knowledge cramming before family gatherings. I’m counting on the two new little additions to the family to take priority this Christmas, though, so you may be off the hook!

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