My Brother Got Married! (Part 1)

I want to live inside this weekend forever. What a fun time of celebrating, catching up with friends, and hanging out with the best people I know (my family, duh). Oh yeah, in case I didn’t mention it, I’m so happy about my new sister. She is basically wonderful and the perfect match for my big brother. Such a blessing!

Pictures and stories from this weekend abound, so the difficulty is in narrowing it down to just a few to share! I’m going to break up my weekend recap posts (some Instagram, some not) so I hope you enjoy this little glimpse into the beginning of the weekend… Pre-wedding festivities, here we go:

Cruising through Carolina countryside on my way to Columbia, SC

My future sister-in-law posted this cute text from my brother on Instagram. LOVE.

Welcome bags from Addie and Lane waiting at the hotel

Watercolor of Columbia, SC downtown and the wedding event venues

We started the weekend on Thursday with an in-laws dinner and then met up with the bride and groom at one of Addie’s favorite places in Columbia, Hunter-Gatherer Brewery, for Thursday night jazz. To describe the crowd as eclectic would be an understatement, and the vibe was simultaneously energetic and chill. Great company, as well – siblings, some groomsmen and significant others, Addie and her sister Anna.

The theme of this night carried through the entire weekend: laughter and joyfulness.

Siblings out on Thursday night! Lane in the navy shirt is the groom.

Hunter Gatherer Brewery for jazz night. Yes, that is a hyena. Yes, the band was amazing.

Once we got moving on Friday, we didn’t stop. (Aaaand it was awesome.) First stop, the bridal luncheon. Presents, girl time, tiny and/or yummy foods, sundresses, pretty flowers, picture-taking, general southern-ness… and I’m a happy girl! Addie’s gifts were thoughtful and creative, and included a delicious candle from Anthropologie that is currently filling my apartment with happiness.

Bridal brunch petit fours on Friday

Sisters! Alison and I on the ends, Addie and her little sisters in the middle.

Mani/Pedi time at Occo Salon. Hey there you cute little bride!

Next up: rehearsal and rehearsal dinner! I have to say, this was a highlight. First, the pastor is Scottish, second, the church was breath-taking, third, we did a wedding warm up which is awesome and then the real thing happens and it’s a million times more awesome.

Then the rehearsal dinner… I really can’t explain what an experience that night was. While the toasts were witty and entertaining, they were also overwhelmingly filled with a sense of loyalty to both Lane and Addie. The consistent expression of love from genuine and powerful relationships each has was truly a testament to what authentic, steadfast, trustworthy and faithful people Addie and Lane are. I was floored… and proud… and convicted… and joyful to know that they are a part of my family!

Ok enough mushy stuff… Gorgeous view and sunset, delicious surf and turf dinner, and a precious slideshow… then off to Jake’s to hang out with the whole wedding party and rehearsal dinner crew. Can’t beat hanging out on a back patio with friends on a summer’s eve.

“Lift your eyes and look to the heavens… He calls them each by name.” Isaiah 46:20

Bride and Groom after the rehearsal!

Rehearsal Dinner decor. Note: you can’t tell but there are little bags of jelly beans on the table. Surprise 🙂

My handsome date. Hey!

Oh yeah, and the rehearsal dinner was on the top floor of the tallest building in South Carolina. By the way, it has 25 floors. Woo woo, flat state!

Recap Part 2 is on it’s way… WEDDING!


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