My Brother Got Married! (Part 2)

In case you didn’t see my first wedding weekend recap, my brother got married! It was such an amazingly fun and special weekend, I decided it deserved a two-part recap post.

All the new siblings at the end of the Rehearsal Dinner

 we ❤ double buckling (wedding day!)

Lane’s “side of eggs”

Family brunch the morning of the wedding

Getting’ my hair did at Cline’s Salon

Trying to figure out who all the special flowers are for. Hint: Addie, yours are the white ones.

Bride and Groom flowers

Getting beautiful in the bridal suite

Hey Lane! That’s your stuff!

Siblings on Wedding Day!

Addie’s letter and present from Lane

Bible inscribed with her new married name. Eeee!

Lane reading his letter from Addie with the painting she gave him.

Just minutes before the wedding! Electric with nerves and excitement.

I am related to all of these people.

Hey, you guys are in love and now you’re married.

Reception at the City Art Gallery. Urban and contemporary but warm at the same time.

“For from Him and to Him and unto Him are all things.” Romans 11:36

I can’t wait to see the professional photographs of the wedding party and families! I mean it’s been a week… how long does that take? By the way, this was the best weekend ever… in case I didn’t mention it 🙂


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