A Little Bit of Everything In This One

A New Outfit:

Pink Maxi Skirt, I love you.

Tank: Marshall’s | Belt: Cole Haan | Skirt: Old Navy | Necklace: Boutique(?) | Shoes: Jack Rogers

By the way, these pictures are all unedited iPhone snaps, so you’ll have to forgive me. I bought a tripod so perhaps we’ll get some real photos back up in herrr soon.

Recent Workouts:

Yoga + Elliptical. This yoga class at the Y was awesome – the instructor focused on flow and building onto each combination, so it was a great workout and I could feel it in my muscles the next day, but I also felt well stretched and relaxed. Basically exactly what I hope for in a yoga class. I’ll definitely be back! Afterward I needed a little cardio boost, so I jumped on the elliptical for half an hour. It felt sort of wrong to savasana and then amp back up for some cardio, but hey, it’s my body, my workout, right?

Humidity Run. This run was awful. It had been 92 degrees all day, then around 5pm came torrential downpours. I ran around 7:30pm but the world was still a steam room. I post this because a lot of my run posts tend to go “It was so great, I cant believe what I did and I improved!” so welcome to reality – some runs are tough, some are amazing. I pushed through, in spite of needing to walk at one major hill and the end, and finished the 3.5 miles, but it was almost enough to convince me to become a morning workout-er. We shall see. So overall, not a great pace – about 30 sec – 1 min slower per mile than usual but hey, better than sitting on the couch.

Philanthropy – Emma’s Home in the Triangle:

I’ve been in activist training for the past few weeks with a group called NC Stop Human Trafficking – learning pretty heartbreaking information but I’m encouraged by the passion to fight against it I’ve seen. Warning – once you start learning about what a reality domestic human trafficking is, like literally in your backyard, it is nearly impossible to not feel compelled to get involved in stopping it or support those who are.

1 in 3 street children will be picked up by a pimp and sold within the first 48 hrs they are on the street. Child trafficking pulls in over $12 billion in revenue annually. Right now, there are fewer than 100 beds in safe houses for trafficking victims IN THE WHOLE NATION. None of those are specifically for children.

Exciting news, though! The first safe home for child survivors of trafficking is opening this summer in the Triangle! Pretty amazing, and while a lot of the information is confidential for obvious reasons, you can read about the non profit, their needs and learn more about human trafficking on their website, Transforming Hope.

OK, like I said, a little bit of everything in here today! Everyone having a happy Wednesday?


9 thoughts on “A Little Bit of Everything In This One

  1. Love this post! So inspirational 🙂

    Also I just got a bright blue maxi and am def going to style it with a big chunky belt like that, super cute!!


  2. Wow Im proud of NC for having the first one! I didn’t even know about that stuff going on thx for sharing

    1. I know, me too! And they are planning to grow and open more safe houses, so I can’t wait to see the impact it will have! Thanks for stopping by, Sadie!

  3. Lots of great stuff in this post, but let’s get right down to it: you looks so great! All the work outs are obviously paying off big time!! You look gorgeous and ready for summer.

    1. Like I already told you, you just made my week 🙂 Thank you thank you, haha. It can be tough to see your own progress, so I appreciate the affirmation that all those workouts aren’t just a waste of time! Love you!

  4. You are so pretty! i love that outfit and i love your blog! I’m just getting into yoga and so far it is awesome. I just need to get more flexible lol


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