Blog Challenge Day 5 – Favorite US City

Ok so it’s been a few (insert time frame… a long one) since I published the Day 4 post about my Bucket List, but I said I’d get to them all, and I will. Just taking my time because there are lots of other fun things to write about.

Day 5: Favorite place in the USA.

Oh hi, I’m an impossible question. Answer me.

Yep, that is how I feel right now about choosing my favorite place in the US… or my favorite place in general, actually. I mean, Paris (where I studied abroad) would be the easy and obvious answer for overall favorite. And in the US, Atlanta, where I grew up, could be an easy response… but somehow that feels a little like cheating.

Would a vignette or two satisfy?

Driving the Blue Ridge Parkway on a summer evening. Start in Black Mountain, NC and head to Craggy Dome Overlook. A comfortable hike, 360 degree panoramic view and the total beauty of the Appalachian Mountains. Make it back into Asheville for a delicious dinner and live music at the drum circle or a quirky indie film at the Brew and View.

San Diego. La Jolla. Coronado. Any season, any time. Picturesque, perfect weather, laid back vibe of the Pacific, and general happiness. I once spent time at Hotel del Coronado in August. 72 degrees, sunny, gorgeous and I learned to surf! I also went to a La Jolla wedding in January. 70 degrees, sunny, gorgeous and I got to explore San Diego. I’m sorry, did you say heaven?

Steamboat Springs, Colorado. As an 8 year old, this was a magical wintery wonderland. As a 25 year old, it is exactly the same, but I’m way better at skiing now 🙂 Family ski vacations are some of my favorite memories – skiing all day, drinking hot chocolate mid-mountain, getting caught in whiteouts, eating bison burgers and playing Apples to Apples. Steamboat Springs is a humongous mountain with endless trails and the town is filled with funky Colorado shops and restaurants… So I’d say this tops out as my favorite place in the US.

What is your favorite US city?


10 thoughts on “Blog Challenge Day 5 – Favorite US City

        1. Totally true, I almost studied abroad for a semester in Cleveland but couldn’t get into any programs… So snobby up there, probably due to how many people apply/visit each year.

  1. San Francisco is hands down my favorite US city! The weather, the food, the gorgeous scenery, views of the bay, architecture, great people watching! Love it!!!

    1. I haven’t been there since high school but LOVED it when I visited! It really is so gorgeous. In fact, I wonder how expensive flights are… hmmm 🙂

  2. There are SO many great cities! It’s definitely hard to choose. I feel like I’ve been to the Hotel del Coronado as a child. It sounds SO familiar!! I love Atlanta too… as well as NYC, Seattle, LA, Miami, Rome… too many to list!!

    1. So true! I’ve never been to Seattle – it is top of my list though! And if you ever have the chance, definitely make a (return?) visit to Hotel Del – it is AMAZING!

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