Fitness Finds: When I’m De-Motivated

My favorite thing to remember is that I’m not working out because I hate my body, I’m working out because I love it and think it is worth taking care of. That should be motivation enough, but sometimes it takes a little something more.

I know so many people who spend their time hating their bodies. I occasionally struggle with how I look the same way any other person would who is 20lbs heavier than they want to be, but I’m not trying to punish myself, I’m trying to improve the quality and length of my life.

So, when I’m feeling de-motivated, I find other substitutes:

Example: For some reason I am not feeling the strength to power through a run or I simply don’t want to run. Instead, I’ll power walk a hilly route, go to a HEAT class or find back to back toning and yoga classes at the gym.

Recently, I’ve taken to the Jillian Michaels 30 day Shred when I don’t feel motivated to run, like this Saturday when it was threatening to rain, for example.

Remember: Even a 20 minute workout is better than giving up altogether. Do a plank or jumping jacks during commercials at the very least!

Example: My sweet tooth is kicking in. Go for a small cup of froyo and don’t go for the fattening toppings like Oreos/Reeses, just add some fat-free chocolate sauce or enjoy the froyo plain. Have some Multigrain Peanut Butter Cheerios or Peanut Butter Puffins for a treat. Try Trader Joe’s sugar-free dark chocolate.

Remember: If you eat the same as you always have, you’ll weigh the same as you always have. Drink a glass of water and decide if regretting giving in is worth it.

Recent fun fitness finds: I just used two birthday presents I received a few months ago and they were definitely the pick-me-up I needed!

1. Under Armour gift cards! Love their running gear. The tanks are HeatGear, the Yellow is called a Fly-By Stretch Mesh and the black is the Victory tank. The running tights are all season fitted Escape capris. Check out my spoils.

2. Full-body Swedish Massage at Skin Sense Spa! Such a peaceful way to soothe and work out my sore muscles. I got my first massage about 2 years ago and don’t go often, but it’s worth splurging from time to time.

How do you splurge on taking care of yourself and your health?


2 thoughts on “Fitness Finds: When I’m De-Motivated

  1. Cute how your pants look like they’re running 🙂

    Love these tips, thanks for posting! And I’m going to Trader Joe’s ASAP for that chocolate. After a trip to the gym, of course.

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