Happy 1st Birthday, Blog!

I can’t believe it’s already been a year… and what a year it has been!

Olympic US Gymnastics Team

When I created this blog, my intention was to write about my personal style, exercise and philanthropy. Over the year I’ve debated whether or not I bit off more than I could chew.

Some people want a blog that just focuses on one topic, like posting pictures of the outfit you wear every day, cataloging everything you eat and all your fitness routines, giving a rundown of all your social activities, or focusing solely on the DIY projects you do around the house.

Occasionally I’ve wondered if I should just opt for a single-topic blog and start redirecting all my energy into one of my original topics. It might be more cohesive and gain more followers who are interested in that one specific topic… but ultimately, I’m kind of happy showing more than just one side of my personality on here.

So, here is my Blog Highlights Roundup of the past year, enjoy!

Alegria – Photo recap of my service trip to Belize just after I started my blog! (August 2011)

Closet Shopping: Clean and Color Coded – A how-to by example of purging and organizing your closet and jewelry. (September 2011)

Couture for a Cause 2011 – Annual fashion show in downtown Raleigh that is a fundraiser for local charities. (October 2011)

TOMS, Rachel Zoe and Fashionanthropy – Fashion + Philanthropy and who is doing a great job at the combo. (November 2011)

10 Things I’m Hopeful For in 2012 – My wish list, both serious and silly, but mostly silly. Includes a conspiracy theory. (December 2011)

Monday Monday, Can’t Trust That Day – Some pick-me-ups for a dreary winter Monday including chubby puppies. (January 2012)

Olive Juice + Olive My Favorite Color – Comfy wintery outfit post featuring, as stated, my favorite color Olive. (February 2012)

Trends for Spring: Best and Worst – My take on colored denim, neon and flatform shoes. (March 2012)

Small Victories That Feel Like Huge Victories –  One of my first exercise posts talking about my first big milestone. (March 2012)

No Excuses, No Regrets – Some medals won, by me and in the Olympics. Also, how to talk yourself into working out. (April 2012)

30 Day Blog Challenge + Workout Recap – Favorite foods, running updates, and some funny comments. (May 2012)

A Little Bit of Everything – General recap featuring my pink maxi skirt, intensely hot runs and an amazing local charity. (June 2012)

Nautical Stripes + Lace Overlay – Maybe my favorite outfit post on the blog thus far, certainly my favorite of the summer! (July 2012)



I just can’t get enough, they are one of my favorite things in life! With memories of the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta plus my high school diving coach (and Olympic diving medalist) Cynthia Potter doing commentary, plus our USA team DOMINATING… I’m just happy happy happy all around.



4 thoughts on “Happy 1st Birthday, Blog!

  1. I think it’s great to diversify like you’ve done. I’ve been told – and I agree – that if someone isn’t into fashion, for example, but they are into exercise, they can skip the fashion posts. Eventually, they may find they like reading about fashion because of your blog, but either way, you are giving them something they can enjoy. (I don’t think that was a good explanation, but I’m only two sips into my coffee.)

    I have a fashion question. I’ll send you a photo and get your advice. Keep it up xx

    1. Thanks Grace! Haha I understood what you meant, coffee or no coffee. I figure I’ll just write about a few things I like and it’ll all shake out. Hopefully even if someone isn’t interested in all of the topics, they’ll find something they like. 🙂 Send me your question anytime!

  2. This is great, congrats!! It was fun to go back through the older posts. I just started following you a few months ago but I love the ones from fall/last year too! Keep them coming 🙂 🙂

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