Adventure | Vacation Time!

Hi friends!

I’m off to Vermont and Quebec for 10 days. I can’t promise that I’ll be posting anything until I return from the land of green mountains, maple syrup, French speaking non-french people and whale watching! However, I do promise photo and fun story recaps upon my return.

My sister just finished her Masters at Middlebury, I’m proud to say, so we’re taking a celebratory vacation. 🙂

Here are a few from the beginning of the trip and many more to come!

So proud of the newest Middlebury Bread Loaf School of English grads.

Chapel on Middlebury’s campus. “The strength of the hills is His also.”

Alison, Master of English Literature. Plus the newlyweds 🙂

The seniors lit wishing lanterns after graduation. 

The directions were quite well translated from Chinese: “Wishing light rose slowly the sky, do not forget wishing oh……..” (helpful & clear)

I believe the word you’re looking for is “idyllic.”

In a classic Alison move, a not-so-subtle suggestion that I brush/play with her hair. #Brushyourowndanghair [Note: I did brush it. I’m a great little sister.]

La Ferme Reid – first stop in the Canadian countryside.

Have you ever been to Quebec? Any favorite spots I shouldn’t miss?


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