Adventure | Exploring Quebec Part 1

As much as I love living in the South, I will admit that there are some incredibly beautiful parts of the continent further north. I quite enjoyed my time up there exploring. After a few days in Vermont for my sister’s graduation from her Masters program, we headed to Quebec.

First stop, Quebec City, then off to the Charlevoix region and La Malbaie on the St. Lawrence River. At the end of the week, we made our way back to Saratoga Springs and Albany and then headed home. Highlights, Part 1:

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My mom is sort of an equal opportunity fresh produce nibbler, so our trip involved more than a handful of stops at family farms. Basically any sign that said fraises, bluets, or framboises resulted in a “Ooh, let’s stop there!” from the navigators seat.

Once we finally made it into Quebec City, we went to a delicious restaurant down on the river, got our first taste of full-on French speakers (yay!) and explored the old city. It’s the only fortified city in North America, and had a very Europe-meets-Disney-World feel to it. Fewer life-size animated characters.

I love history and travel, and anything related to speaking French, so I enjoyed myself. I wish I had read a bit more about it before I went, but I picked up the important stuff along the way. They love Samuel Champlain and Jacques Cartier. Fairmont Le Chateau Frontenac and Notre Dame Basilica Cathedral are the most beautiful parts of the city. And they view themselves as Quebecois more than Canadians, ubiquitously flying their blue and white fleur-de-lis flag and prominently displaying their motto: “Je me souviens.”

Also, they love those little cut-out characters you can put your face in. And so does my family.

If it’s easier to click through pictures, here is the gallery:

Have you been to Quebec? What did you think? 

Part 2 coming soon! The nature part of the excursion 🙂 If you want to see some of my Instagram pictures, check it out @elisholby. Enjoy!

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4 thoughts on “Adventure | Exploring Quebec Part 1

  1. I have never been that far north – a true American Southern girl! Loved seeing your pictures… also seriously cracking up over this description: “My mom is sort of an equal opportunity fresh produce nibbler”…. bahahaha! I think that might describe me too!
    P.S. how did you make that cute little slideshow??

  2. Have ever read “The Shadow on the Rock” (i think that’s right- it has been a while) byWilla Cather? It was set in the early days of Quebec City, and was beautifully written as are all of her books. Ideally like reading books set in places I have visited!

  3. That looks so fun! I cant wait to see more pics. I’ve never been up there but now want to go bc I speak french and its way easier to get there than to France!

  4. Your fam is too cute! Love your pictures too, it looks so fun! What is that place with the blue ceiling? Gorgeous!!

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