Soiree at Ornamentea

A few weeks ago, the ladies of Ornamentea hosted our Triangle blogger group for a fun jewelry making event at their quirky craft and jewelry boutique in downtown Raleigh. It was such a lovely event, and we each left with a new pair of earrings and a few other goodies from the shop.

There was definitely a jewelry-making learning curve for most of us at our little soiree, but once we figured out which tools to use and that tiny beads take patience, the earrings were a lot of fun to create! I’m not usually drawn to small beading in jewelry, but who knows how I’ll end up incorporating these into my pile of accessories.

The shop itself has a ton of personality. The decor is sort of Asian flare meets warehouse, and the walls are covered in beads, stones, metals and other jewelry making supplies. They also have a huge tub of trinkets and charms, and a great wall of funky paper.

I had to scoot out and head to another get together that evening, so there are quite a few corners of the store I’m excited to go back and explore soon. I’m thinking I’ll get some charms and make a long necklace or something… we shall see!

Thanks for having us, Ornamentea!


7 thoughts on “Soiree at Ornamentea

  1. Ooo how fun! I dont really looove beaded stuff like that either, so I’m excited to see how you style them. Those are pretty cute though!

  2. I love that place!! Except every time I go I think I’m craftier than I really am, so I buy a bunch of stuff and can’t think of anything to do with it! haha

    1. Haha, I’m the same way. I wish I had thought of something creative to do with that funky paper but I’m not super crafty. Maybe we can find some ideas on Pinterest?

      xo Elisabeth

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