Fitness | Crazy or Committed?

Nom nom nom. Holidays. Food. Gluttony. Lethargy.

No, thank you.

Call me crazy, but I have another 7-10lbs to get rid of by the end of the year, and I’m not going to let a bunch of pre-packaged, socially acceptable excuses get in the way of *commitment*…

HOW exactly I’m going to do that is an entirely different story.

Here are a few of my most convincing reminders…

1. How tough that “first run back” after a break is

2. How uncomfortable it is to have an overly full stomach

3. How deflating it is to have to buy a size up

4. How great it feels to have a surge of endorphins after working out

5. The sense of accomplishment (exercise, will power, whatever!)

6. How far I’ve come already

7. This is a lifestyle, not a “diet”

8. There is no reason for a set back when the options to be healthy are the same

9. Moderation doesn’t mean depriving myself or overworking myself

10. There is never a good excuse to NOT treat your body well

Now, I’m off to a meeting where they are providing pizza for dinner. See you soon, will power 🙂


2 thoughts on “Fitness | Crazy or Committed?

  1. Totally not crazy… you convinced me! I’m going to print your list and use it as motivation for the holidays too! 🙂

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