Perspective | Gchat Status Apparently Matters

Before I begin, let me just tell you: I love a good gchat catch-up, so never hesitate to send me a little mid-day distraction if you see me on there. I welcome it with open arms!

Moving on.

Last week, I posted this as my gchat status: Happy.

I didn’t really think much of it, but throughout the day, people left and right sent me messages that all said essentially the same thing: “It makes me so happy to see that as your status!”

Some were people I talk to regularly, some were friends I haven’t had a chance to talk to in awhile! But almost all of them led to a fun, quick catch up that brightened both of our days.

At face value, it’s a silly anecdote, but it actually got me thinking –Do I really realize how much of what I do, say or communicate, whether verbally or by action, actually impacts those around me?

Now, I’m not trying to purport importance of any kind, but seeing the reaction to a simple, positive statement like that says to me that seemingly trivial daily decisions do carry weight. Trying to let that impact my week… we’ll see how it goes 🙂

Kindness is Free


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