Philanthropy | Dog Days & American Dreams

Explaining my connection to this awesome documentary film would be complicated and confusing, so I’ll just say this…

When a note came through my inbox letting me know about “Dog Days” and I checked out the link to the movie’s trailer, interview with the producers and the opportunity to take part in their Kickstarter campaign, I was pumped.

General gist: Amidst the worst economy since the Great Depression, “Dog Days” follows two entrepreneurs in an unlikely partnership who are determined to thrive in the highly competitive street vending sector of the food industry in Washington, DC. One is a recently unemployed visionary, the other is a refugee from East Africa who came to the US to chase a dream. Together they are challenging the status quo. 

Dog Days Trailer

I hope you take a moment to check it out! Pretty cool to see people actively and passionately pursuing a goal that, in turn, benefits the lives of others who are working hard to achieve their dreams.

It’s almost like… a dream within a dream. Someone should make a movie about that. They could call it “inception” or something cool like that. Ok bye.


Addendum: I received a message from a friend that said — “You can’t end your blog post by saying ‘Ok bye’… That’s not ok.”

So let me rephrase: “Ok bye, Patrick.” Better?


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