Travel | Finally a Weekend in Raleigh

I put this under travel because for ONCE I’m actually not traveling! I felt like I was on an adventure in my own city – like a tourist, if you will. And what a wonderful weekend it was!

After a crazy week at work, I was so happy to have a Friday night surprise birthday party for my cute friend Hannah to look forward to!

It doesn’t get much better than sushi at Mura… although as I type that, I realize I haven’t been there in like 2 years, sooo… I hereby pledge to stop withholding the joy of Mura and start treating myself better. You’re welcome, me.

Raleigh Birthday Dinner Mura

raleigh birthday dinner Mura

Happy Birthday Hannah!

On Saturday morning, some friends and I volunteered at the Interfaith Food Shuttle’s teaching farm. The volunteer day was organized by Change the Triangle, and minus one unusual (ahem, unusually bad) farm smell, it was awesome.

Beautiful weather, really fun friends and some good ol’ farmwork (we used a stirrup hoe… #legit).

Change the Triangle volunteering Interfaith Food Shuttle farm Raleigh

Change the Triangle volunteering Interfaith Food Shuttle farm Raleigh

Did I mention there were goats? By the way, I just decided I really like goats.

Change the Triangle volunteering Interfaith Food Shuttle farm Raleigh

Oh hello there.

Saturday night was a little roommate movie night. I just have to say, “You’ve Got Mail” is such a classic. I forgot how much I love it… I see a 90s movie marathon in my future.

Great story, great acting, and though I love living in the south, it definitely made me want to pop up to NYC for a visit this fall.

NYC You've Got Mail AOL

Confession: I felt nostalgic and excited every time the dial-up and “You’ve Got Mail” part happened during the movie.

Also, my first AOL screen name was Moonmyst39, so there’s that…

Favorite 90s movie? Best screen name? How were your weekends, friends?


5 thoughts on “Travel | Finally a Weekend in Raleigh

  1. my (most embarrassing) screen name was sgrmagnolia345 because if you’re a girl in college who loves grateful dead why WOULDN’T you pick that one? answer me that.
    good will hunting is definitely the best 90s movie ever, followed by pretty woman and cool runnings.

    1. Bahaha, I love it! And answer you, I cannot. There is nothing wrong or embarrassing about that screen name… in fact, I’d like to IM sgrmagnolia345 right now unless your away message is up 🙂 And I hate to admit it, but I’ve never seen Good Will Hunting all the way through. On the list!

  2. That goat is awesome and i am kind of obsessed with it. YAY you’re back for real this time!

    I love love love Now & Then!! I had a bunch of screennames like “bsketballgurl657″… what is a moonmyst? LOL

    1. I know, I love that little goat! There was a whole little goat family, actually! Agreed on Now & Then, because I LOVED Devon Sawa, and my screen name was inspired by my cabin at camp one summer, haha. Nerd alert 🙂

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