Philanthropy | Raleigh Golf Tournament

Public Service Announcement that is worth ‘areading, coming at you!

I’m involved with an amazing organization called Bethany – a non-profit that serves refugees, orphans, adoptive families and birth mothers on a global scale. They are committed to helping the most vulnerable… and the impact being made by the people in their Raleigh office is pretty incredible.

Because it is a non-profit, Bethany relies on support from the local community to keep serving these people and families, and this year the annual fundraiser is a golf tournament!

Raleigh Golf Tournament 2013 Bethany Open

Click here for details and the registration form

Info you need to know about the 2013 Bethany Open:

October 11, 2013
Devils Ridge Golf Club
5107 Linksland Dr
Holly Springs, NC 27540

What a fun opportunity to give back. 

I’d love to see you there… and if you aren’t a golfer, it would make my day if you’d let your golfing friends know!


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