Weekend Recap | Running, Winston and Some Sass

Weekends never seem long enough, do they? Especially the good ones, which I feel very blessed to have had quite a few of in the past few weeks!

Disclaimer: I read an article recently about how social media allows for “image crafting” which can be unhealthy for both the “image crafter” (me because I’m writing) and the consumer of the image. What is that saying…

Comparison is the Thief of Joy Quote Graphic

image borrowed from here

So I’m feeling convicted to make sure I’m not doing that here. My goal is for this to be an entertaining, light-hearted and creative outlet, not to create an image that I live some charmed life.

I am thankful for the opportunities I have and the people I share them with, but I have plenty of not-so-exciting moments. They’re just not much to talk about!

Weekend Recap Time!

What a great blend of things I enjoy: social time (including a fun apps/happy hour outing with my co-workers!), an endorphin-charged workout, the discovery of 2 outfits I now love, and QT with my main squeeze.


I’ll write more on my running goals and exercise habits soon, but this weekend I took on a hilly course around a pretty lake in Raleigh. The total distance was just over 4 miles and I followed up with an arms and abs workout at my gym. It felt so great to push myself!


Oh Winston Salem – at this point it hardly feels like travel. The trip was such a fun impromptu adventure. I arrived Saturday in time for a fun evening downtown. We went by The District, and realized my sorority was having a formal downstairs, which made me laugh to experience from an outside perspective and also feel old, since I don’t know any of them now. {YIKES}

Jamey Elisabeth Winston Salem

Note: Sorority Arm Pose. Nailed it.

Sunday we went to Redeemer, had lunch at the Loop, wandered on a long walk in the West End and grabbed dinner with one of Wake’s coaches before settling in for some Anthony Bourdain adventures for the evening.


Oh man, heyyy transitional summer-to-fall outfits, I forgot about you but you’re awesome. Two outfits from the weekend are below.

Fall Print Blouse Statement Necklace

Dark Skinny Jeans Cognac Flats

Fall Print Blouse Jewelry

Surprisingly, I wasn’t the one doling out the sass this weekend (ok, I was, but not in this story). We went to get Jamey a new suit and one of my fav stores happens to be next door, so we stopped in. And oh man, the guy who works there… By the way, when I say ‘sass’ – it always means a good thing.

First, he saw me eyeing an olive colored, leopard print sweater and goes, “Oh that one is perfection. I have it.” I mean, I almost got it just because of that. When it goes on sale, it is mine.

Then, he totally made my day when he rang up my purchases. He comes out from behind the counter and goes “Girl, I just had to see that outfit again. You look ah-may-zing.”

Chambray Shirt Fall Mini Skirt

Chambray Shirt Cream Necklace

Fall Black and White Mini Skirt

So funny. Probably just trying to make the sale, but I’ll take the compliment 🙂

How was your weekend? Any entertaining encounters, great workouts or fun new adventures?


4 thoughts on “Weekend Recap | Running, Winston and Some Sass

  1. OMG I am obsessed with that skirt and that story is so funny. So so cute and the perfect transition piece! Where is it from?? xoxo Eliza

    1. Thanks!! I got it at LOFT and am very tempted to just wear it on repeat. Great for warm days and will be ready for tights and boots whenever I need them! Let me know if you end up getting it/how you style it, too! xo Elisabeth

  2. Can’t wait to hear about your 1,000 miles progress!! I’m trying to become a running so I need some inspiration 🙂 I love your cute story too!

    1. You can do it, just start slow and don’t set any unrealistic expectations – work with what you got and be proud of the improvement you’ll see! I’ll be sure to follow up next week with my running updates 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by! xo Elisabeth

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