Friday Favorites | Moments of the Week

Whew, what a whirlwind week! So busy, in fact, that I haven’t had much time for my normal stuff (hence no running updates and no outfit of the day posts!) Have no fear, regular life will resume next week 🙂

This week I had 2 wonderful big things occupying my time:

1. Making sure plans are in place and everything is in line for my big sister’s bridal shower/bachelorette this weekend in DC! I can’t share any details because she reads my blog (hey!) but I’ll have a recap next week. I’m excited!!

2. Reaching out to local businesses about donations, prizes and other fun things for the Bethany Open golf tournament next Friday! I really had to step outside my comfort zone with this — I’m an extrovert, but asking people for things is hard! I was pleasantly surprised at what a wonderful experience it ended up being! People were so kind and generous, and I ended up having some really cool conversations.

Without further ado, my 5 Friday Favorites for this week. Enjoy!

Linking up again this friday with some of my favorite fun bloggers here: Five on Friday, High Five for Friday, and Fab Favorites.


Found some new jewels to accessorize my fall wardrobe with over at H&M this week. My perspective on jewelry is that the trendy stuff doesn’t need to be a financial investment, as long as you can maintain an appropriate taste level. I have a few treasured pieces I’ve received as gifts or inherited from my Nana, but for the trendy stuff I stick to places like Target, H&M and Francesca’s.

Here are the two pieces I picked up this week from H&M:

gold bib statement necklace for fall

geometric rings layered fall 2013


Dear Spotify and Pandora, I just wanted to say thanks for the free tunes. Between the two, I can listen to exactly what I want, or when I’m feeling indecisive, just let the station do what it wants. Can’t beat that!

Here is a little snapshot into what I’ve had playing this week:

The Lone Bellow – Green Eyes and a Heart of Gold

Sara Bareilles – I Choose You

The Civil Wars – The One that Got Away


Awesome Slang Phrases of the 1920s

These made me laugh so much. Also, I think I’d really like it if someone called me “bearcat”. Excuse the language and excessive drinking references (is it insight into the author’s soul or the 1920s… we’ll never know!) Which ones do you like?


My friend Sara invited me to join her and some friends for trivia on Tuesday night in downtown Raleigh. I forgot how much I love trivia! We may not have won, but we came up with a good mix of creative and correct answers.

My crowning moment was “The name of the body of water between Venice and Split.” Answer: the Adriatic Sea. As it turns out, my time spent planning hypothetical overseas travel adventures is paying off after all! My most shameful incorrect answer? I plead the fifth…


That these 2 emails arrived in my inbox right next to each other. Good try, LinkedIn “influencer” with your provocative post title and words of social media wisdom!

LinkedIn and Twitter Screenshot


What was the highlight of your week? 



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