Fall Fashion | Transition Style

Hi. I live in the South and suffer from seasonal transition disorder.

As beautiful as the seasons down here are, they really struggle with establishing their individual identities each year. Winter forgets to start until January, March is just as likely to bring a blizzard as a sunburn, and currently, Summer and Fall are fighting over October.

When the low is 50 and the high is 82, my morning routine gets tricky. Yes, I’m sure you already know the tried-and true answer: layers! However, I thought I’d share some of the fall inspiration I’m exploring as I fight the urge to wear a chambray shirt with a different color or print denim skinnies every day of the week.

Dresses and Flats + Layer

It isn’t boot weather yet, and when it gets sunny and warm in the afternoons, a dress and flats are the perfect foundation. Throw a cardigan, blazer or scarf on in the morning and you’re good to go. I especially love this when I’m doing a lot of running… It just isn’t reasonable to make my feet wear those cute heels I love all day and then ask them to run, too.

Anthropologie Fall Dresses and FlatsImage Credit: Anthropologie

Denim Done Creatively

For about the first hour after my alarm goes off, my tendency is to take the path of least resistance. So unless I’ve decided on an outfit the night before, this turns into wearing variations on a theme (see chambray + different colored pants note above) every day. My office is pretty casual, so that isn’t a problem, but personally, it makes me feel boring! So, I present some denim inspiration for various scenarios: from the uber-casual to night out.

Fall Denim Transitional StylesImage Credit: Rue La La

So what is on my transitional fall style checklist? 

  • Denim jacket — can’t go wrong with this classic darker version or this lighter wash. And if you’re feeling particularly bold, check this out.
  • Colored and Patterned pants — I really love these wine-colored coated jeans, printed pants that are everywhere and have recently busted out some super dark wash J. Crew tailored bootcut jeans that had been lost in the skinny, ankle and boyfriend trends – classic and flattering!
  • Lightweight fall scarves — these are great if you want to try something new like animal print or a bold color, but don’t want to completely commit. I’d recommend stopping by Target and perusing their collection – typically they’ve got a good variety at the price point I like when I’m testing the waters.
  • Flowy blouses — long or short sleeved, paired with pants or a skirt, these are an absolute staple of my wardrobe. They can be layered for chilly mornings and won’t leave you overheating by mid-afternoon. I mean how cute are these stripes, these polka dots or this bold solid? In love.

Black and White Flowy Fall Fashion

The next thing on my to-do list — a closet overhaul! Toss out or donate from both warm and cold weather clothing groups, put together transitional outfits by pairing pieces from both groups, and then swap them – summery goes in boxes, wintery fills the closet.

How are you transitioning your wardrobe? What are your fall go-to wardrobe staples?


3 thoughts on “Fall Fashion | Transition Style

  1. I love my denim jacket–and yes, I have both a dark wash and a light wash! They are perfect in the fall and spring!

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