Travel | Winston Weekends

Whew, where did October go? Oh that’s right, on mini-adventures. Emphasis on “mini.” Yep, travel is the word of the month… year… ok, my 20s, but with a few exceptions, I’m not traveling too far. In fact, I’ve had several sweet weekends in the past month over exploring my old stomping grounds in Winston Salem, and … More Travel | Winston Weekends


Weekend Recap | Running, Winston and Some Sass

Weekends never seem long enough, do they? Especially the good ones, which I feel very blessed to have had quite a few of in the past few weeks! Disclaimer: I read an article recently about how social media allows for “image crafting” which can be unhealthy for both the “image crafter” (me because I’m writing) … More Weekend Recap | Running, Winston and Some Sass