Menswear + Feminine

A little friend visited while we were taking pictures of this outfit. Hello little cat!

Blazer & Top – J.Crew; Jeans – Madewell; Pumps – Nine West; Bag – Elliott Lucca; Glasses – Versace

Since taking these pictures I cut my hair about 6 inches shorter! It feels short to me but oh well. Maybe I just look more “professional” or “adult-like” or some garbage like that. Nerd alert! These glasses do the trick for this professionalism effort.

I really like combining masculine and feminine pieces together into one outfit. This olive blouse has really delicate lace detailing at the top, which I love, but putting a cardigan or something like that over top to stay warm in the winter just feels too girly. Throwing on a blazer is just what the doctor ordered.

Speaking of the doctor… I believe he also ordered me a vacation somewhere involving a beautiful beach, some fun activities like parasailing, and definitely a tan. Who would like to volunteer to take me on this trip? I’ll be accepting applications until… forever.


4 thoughts on “Menswear + Feminine

  1. Ohh, I love the look and the combination of the blazer and lace top. The olive color is great on you. We just booked a trip to Aruba last night, so excited!

  2. exCUSE me but i would like a picture o’ the new haircut s’il vous plåit. also the cat adds a real pastoral feel to the shoot. so chic. SO chic. i know, right? MEGA chic.

    1. i know, i was going for a “back to nature + urban” feel… kind of like “chic, but tribal and with a fishtail braid…”

      also, i’m pretty sure you’ve already seen my haircut silly.

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