One Skirt: Work | Casual | Party

I have this skirt from LOFT and it is one of my favorites! I especially like it because it is flowy, comfortable and flattering, and because it can transition easily between all types of activities and events. I created a combination below that shows 3 ways I have styled this skirt with one set of accessories. Pretty easy – all you have to do is change the top to go from work to a casual Saturday to a concert or party!

1 Skirt: Casual/Party/Work

Outfit 1 is the flowy skirt with a chambray top. This is an easy look to wear when you’re hanging out on a Saturday – perhaps  exploring a museum with an out-of-town visitor, grabbing lunch with a girlfriend or wandering around the farmer’s market. Here is another example of chambray + a fun skirt worn in casual way, as styled by the lovely Kendi.


Outfit 2 is the crop top party outfit… and honestly, it is something that I surprised myself by putting together! If you remember, I included these midriff-bearing tops in my Spring’s Best and Worst Trends blog post back in April. I stand by what I said then – tops that show your midriff have to be done in a VERY selective way.

Wearing a crop top that looks like a bra and shows your entire stomach just isn’t going to be flattering or appropriate in many settings, but I’ll admit, there are some tasteful ways to do this style. I’m still debating, but I really like the one I put together, and I LOVE how cute Selena Gomez does the crop top style below.


Outfit 3 is my “work style” outfit with a precious scalloped tank top blouse tucked into the skirt. I love this and wear a variation of it to work probably every week. I do have to say, my office has a lax business casual dress code –  I can throw on jeans and TOMS if I’m feeling tired, but the typical dress code is chic, comfortable and fun. The outfit Lauren Conrad is wearing below is the perfect example of my favorite work silhouette and the way I pair my LOFT skirt regularly.


The great thing about each of these outfits is that you can pair them with the same accessories to make the transition from casual to party to work seamless. The statement necklace adds some visual interest to the chambray top, a fun rock ‘n roll pop to the party crop top and a fun mix of tough and sweet to the scalloped top.

I love the wrap bracelets that are in this season and pairing with a big cocktail ring that has some contrasting color keeps things interesting. I’m a sucker for a messenger bag, and the mustard yellow is just what summer ordered. The wedge sandal – obvious option and one I include in my 4th of July collection as well.

So, what do you think? How would you transition this skirt to another event or activity?


4 thoughts on “One Skirt: Work | Casual | Party

  1. I’m just going to go ahead that there’s no way I’m wearing a crop top, but the other two are tots presh.

  2. Yeah, I’m into the “mutton dressed as lamb” stage of life if I try that cropped look but I really like the other two tops. I’ve seen some subtle sequined tanks that would look cute with it too, like a bronzed olive with the blue, and I also like the nautical striped Ts with a straw fedora for a Saturday afternoon outfit.

    1. Ooh love the fedora idea – I’ve been hunting for one but haven’t found the perfect one yet 🙂 You can totally pull that look off though! And I think I have about 20lbs to go before I’d venture into a crop haha.

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