Fitness Finds: Outdoor Workouts + Running Gear

Outdoor workouts are tricky in the southeast summer. The humidity makes it difficult to discern whether you are running or just swimming vertically with shoes on. Unfortunately, I’m not a huge treadmill fan, so creativity has been a must.

Experimenting with classes at the gym is a lot of fun, and I’ve realized I respond well to high-intensity classes where I’m constantly moving from one thing to the next. Give me some good tunes and an energetic instructor and at the end of the class you’ll find me a tired, sweaty, well-worked-out girl.

Kickboxing on Monday nights is my #1 go-to, as I’ve said before… now if only the Y could convince the instructor, Bryan, to teach on more than one night each week! I actually credit that class with a lot of my recent weight loss, so if I could, I’d go twice a week because I’ve still got about 20lbs to go!

In case you were wondering about my progress, I’ll update in more detail soon, but I’m very happy to say I’m near the 20 lbs weight loss mark! Eeeee! 🙂

Pictures taken by @elisholby on Instagram. Follow along!

The HEAT class I took is pretty much exactly what I described above, and by the end you are about to die from exhaustion. It is a bit pricey, but when they have a discount I always snap it up! Let’s put it this way, I was still sore 3 days after I took the picture above.

Here is a description of the circuit-intervals HEAT class: This tiered class alternates between intense intervals on the treadmill in 5, 10, or 15 minute bursts with intervals of strength and resistance training on the floor. The HEAT class is the perfect full body workout for all levels.

Did I mention that halfway through the class some of our intervals were 2 minute RUNS on a 12 incline? Nevermind the sprints on a 5-incline we’d already done. Yep, that happened. Yep, I died.

The day after the HEAT class I went on a 3 mile hike/walk around gorgeous Lake Johnson in Raleigh. It turned out to be much hillier than expected, hence the “hike/walk” but was well worth it. Unfortunately my hamstrings haven’t quite recovered from the combination of the two, so I’ll be hunting for a yoga class ASAP.

TA-DA! I’ve put my sweet new kicks to the test twice so far and have been pleased. Quick plug for Fleet Feet on Wade Ave. I was so impressed with the thorough fit process… everything from measuring my arch to watching me run, all to ensure I ended up in the right shoes.

And, I was pleasantly surprised that they weren’t constantly trying to upsell me. I find that so aggravating, but they didn’t push the pricier items and brought a wide variety to choose from. So, if you need some new shoes, I highly recommend them.

After perusing half marathon training plans online, I decided to make my own combining the suggested run distances with what is realistic for my schedule. For example, I’m always at Kickboxing class on Monday, so I shuffled a few rest and run days around to make Monday a cross-training day. If you want a copy of the full training guide, send me an email!

Ok, time for you to weigh in:

About 2 days after I signed up for a September half marathon, I received an invitation to a special friend’s wedding in one of my favorite places in the world, Asheville, for the EXACT same day. I know, such a fiasco.

It’s a bummer to have two great things on the same day, so I’m struggling with whether or not to forget the non-refundable fee and go to the wedding, or to be budget-minded and do the race. Decisions, decisions! What would you do?

PS. Words of wisdom that inspired me today: Discipline means doing what needs to be done, even when you don’t want to.


8 thoughts on “Fitness Finds: Outdoor Workouts + Running Gear

  1. My thought is – you can do another race, but (hopefully) your friend won’t have another wedding.

    Good job on all the exercise. Since Alida is now 3 months old I’m thinking I no longer have an excuse not to exercise (besides the miserable heat and daily thunderstorms ;-).)

    1. Atlanta is an excuse unto itself not to exercise with all that humidity, as if having a newborn wasn’t enough! I’d suggest getting a quick workout video so you can get the exercise in without spending 2 hours. Ease into it and don’t beat yourself up 🙂

      I’m definitely leaning toward your suggestion about the race – it will be a special wedding, so I hate the idea of missing it. I’m just trying to budget, so it stinks to eat that $100. Oh well!

  2. I’m so impressed!! Definitely emailing to get your Half Marathon Training plan, looks like a good one. And GIRL i could not survive that heat class! Keep it up!

  3. Whoa that class sounds crazy and am I crazy if I kind of want to go!?! You look great, so motivatinggg!

    I think you should skip the race and go to the wedding bc you can do a race anytime. Maybe you can sell your race registration?

    1. No you aren’t crazy at all! And thank you, that means a lot!

      About the race – that’s a new idea. I wonder if I can sell my ticket even though I’m registered under my name… I’ll have to do some research.

      Thanks for stopping by 🙂 xoElisabeth

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