Pendants, Python and Piquante Palettes

You know what they say, alliteration is a girl’s best friend.

Insider Tip: If you’re ever playing Apples to Apples with my brother, Lane, alliteration will win you a card every time. Don’t tell him I told you.

It’s a breezy 78 degrees here in Raleigh today so naturally the cold front got me thinking about emerging fall trends I’m excited about. (This is in my car last week. 30 degree drop? Don’t mind if I do.)

This summer, the pieces in my closet that got the most wear were ruffles, florals and brights like coral and turquoise. OH and my jorts. Obviously. Why are you laughing? …Jealous? This fall, however, I am excited to transition into a closet of spicier tones and patterns. Observe the wonder of transition:


[TOP: Anthropologie; CUFFED JORTS: Gap; EARRINGS: Old Navy about 5 years ago; SUNNIES: Target]


Pendants, Python and Piquante



Fall in the south isn’t straight up moderate temperatures, rather it’s a bipolar spectrum that combines days that are indistinguishable from July and days that feel like I live in Alaska (you know, biting cold, wind that chills you to the bone, jackets that can survive the frigid depths of 55 degree temperatures… typical Alaska). This actually makes things way more fun because it requires double outfits – the initial outfit for braving the wintery part of the day and then the one hidden underneath that will make an appearance during the summery portion. Keep an eye out for those when I post in the coming months – they’re very sneaky.

Ok enough about that, here are some highlights since last time we spoke… err I spoke, you read:

I moved! Woo woo. I have to say, my new digs are pretty sweet. I have pictures on the walls, so I’ve tricked myself into thinking I’m settled, but yesterday my new roommie came in as I was diving into suitcases and said “Hey, I’m just trying to keep it real… so I’m going to tell you the truth: it actually looks worse in here than it did yesterday.”  After my initial reaction (Dang, anything else? RUDE. You can have a coke.) I realized that it was true, so I gave up on unpacking and organized what was already in my closet by color. What a sense of accomplishment, phew.

Exercise: Recent realization -> I HATE the toning class at the gym and I LOVE the cardio hip hop class. Not surprising though, I mean I was in the ATL before The Black Rabbi was even spinning Ludacris tracks, so it’s second nature.

Balance: I feel very even keel right now. I’m getting settled, staying organized and getting things done. I helped a friend who does interior design and home staging a bit this week. I went to a great event kicking off the fall women’s ministry at church. I read (devoured) the second book of The Hunger Games trilogy, “Catching Fire” and am almost finished with Alice Sebold’s “The Lovely Bones”.

What is your favorite class at the gym? Any trends you are looking forward to bundling up in as the weather cools down? Is any of this interesting? Say yes or you’ll get the same reaction my roommate did – see above 🙂


4 thoughts on “Pendants, Python and Piquante Palettes

  1. Yay fall!!!! I’m loving the pendants that are out right now. There’s one from Moon & Lola that I want so bad. It’s really simple…basically a circle with an initial on it…but so cute 🙂

    Fav classes at my new gym are body pump and cycling! I miss our days at HEAT together! We need a dinner date soon!

  2. i’m really liking the picante line. do you think lane would buy me that python purse? i wish i could attend cardio hip hop with you – i dominated cardio funk in a way only a swiss/lebanese-white-girl-who-speaka-no-spanish can. i vote you try yoga 3 times.

    1. I’m making a valiant effort to go to yoga once a week 🙂 I like it a lot actually, I just can’t help it when the hip hop tunes call to me from the studio next door. I vote you come visit me in Raleigh and I’ll take you to the hip hop class with me!

  3. Remember when I actually guessed who was the DJ at your middle school dances? Believe it or not, but The Black Rabbi has a huge Northeast Ohio following. Also, did you hire a professional photographer to take those pictures?

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