Pump Up The Jam

Every day is a good day for a little Technotronic. Am I right?

Well I’ve certainly been getting my booty on the floor this week and it has been great. Here is a recap of some of my exercise highs and lows for the week:

Low – Toning class. As I mentioned, I did not enjoy this class. That could be because they ran out of decently heavy weights, so everything I was doing was with a weight that was WAY too heavy for me. It could be that there were a few too many people in the class. OR it could be that the teacher was a tall man with very skinny legs wearing very short shorts doing 80’s aerobics-style exercises that just looked ridiculous.

And speaking of 80’s aerobics…

High – Realizing that Pandora’s 80’s Station is the best running music ever. This lady and I went on a run through downtown Raleigh on Wednesday and it was so pleasant to trot along at a comfortable pace, jamming to Violent Femmes, MJ and Pat Benetar. I also went to a yoga class (Addie and Alison, I hope y’all are proud!) and, of course, my favorite cardio hip hop class.

Current obsession:

Zanna Roberts Rassi, Senior Fashion Editor of Marie Claire. She was on Project Runway as a judge and she is just so lovely! I love her casual chic style and that she seems like an accessible, approachable figure in the fashion industry (as opposed to the typical fixtures like Vogue’s frosty Anna Wintour). Best part about her? She is the impetus behind Marie Claire’s charity portfolios. I love that she uses her influence at Marie Claire to support worthy causes like cancer research and domestic violence awareness.

Do you have any favorite icons who inspire you with their creativity and commitment to philanthropy? On another note, what is your favorite workout music? I need suggestions to keep me moving.

Happy Labor Day Long Weekend!


One thought on “Pump Up The Jam

  1. I love Michael Jackson!! “PYT” or “The Way You Make Me Feel” always get in the running/workout groove. I used to run to the whole Greatest Hits album by Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers too! My sister recommended Nicki Minaj’s Pink Friday album to me yesterday…but I’m not sure if I’ve heard any of it yet. I’m probably the oldest 23-year-old ever ha. But she said it really gets her going when she’s running bleachers.

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